• Salesforce World Tour 2018 - A Report

Salesforce World Tour 2018 - A Report

19-04-2018Door Harm Korten

Thursday the 12th of April, the annual Salesforce World Tour event took place in Amsterdam. As usual, thousands of people gathered in the RAI venue to learn the latest Salesforce news and connect with peers in the regional Salesforce constellation. 

Appsolutely made it's debut as a -Silver- Sponsor and hosted a booth on the RAI floor. Just days after achieving Salesforce Gold Partner status, this was another milestone in Appsolutely's journey to conquer the Dutch Salesforce market.

The Appostles posing with Codey and the gang

For me personally, the event in Amsterdam was an opportunity to meet a lot of familiar and some new faces. It's always amazing to see dozens of old colleagues and customers, sometimes of more than a decade ago, fanned out to a variety of places within the Salesforce realm. A testament to the attraction of the Salesforce Ohana. Once you experience it, you will most likely stick with it.

My personal highlight for this World Tour, was the privilege of presenting AlexaForce at Trailhead theater. Although I had spoken for groups before (as a Salesforce trainer), presenting in a large noisy hall, with a headset microphone, took some getting used to! So, after a slightly chaotic opening, the presentation took off and I had the chance to demonstrate the integration of Amazon Alexa with Salesforce. 

Unfortunately the demo had to be done in written form, while communication with Alexa is normally spoken. Anticipating a noisy RAI environment, we had chosen to stick with the textual demo, for fear that Alexa's voice would be inaudible. Despite this concession, the demo went smoothly; The Demo Gods were benevolent that day.

Presenting AlexaForce

For those interested in the slides used during the talk, you can download them at slideshare, here: https://www.slideshare.net/HarmKorten/alexaforce-world-tour-amsterdam-2018

For instructions on how to start building your own Amazon Alexa skills on the Salesforce platform in no time, check out the AlexaForce documentation on github, here: https://github.com/HKOLWD/AlexaForce 

AlexaForce is currently in managed bèta test, meaning it's only available in developer- and sandbox-orgs. 

Published19 april 2018