Meet Roos
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Meet Roos

If there is one person who is eager to join the Appsolutely team on their annual winter sports holiday (once the pandemic allows it again, of course), it is our new Salesforce Consultant Roos van Garderen! This sports fanatic enjoys everything from weight training to boxing and all kinds of board sports. Being active in her free time allows her to be focused in her job, where she operates on the borderline between business and IT.

Let’s hear more! Can you introduce yourself shortly?

"Sure! I’m Roos, I am 27 years old and I have been living in Amsterdam for nine years. Here, I studied Finance & Control with a Minor in Business Intelligence. I completed an internship at Guidion, and continued working there for seven years. I have developed myself into an account manager and found out I have a strong feeling for business processes & IT. So, in the last three years I implemented Salesforce Field Service Lighting and two native apps. I’d describe myself as a structured person, a go-getter and a team player with a good sense of humour."

How will you contribute to Appsolutely?

"I have a real affinity with IT, but I also understand how to translate IT into business and the other way around. I enjoy working with different types of people and make any situation feel comfortable for them. When speaking with clients, I try to figure out their needs in order to develop them into something that can be built. What makes my day great is when we’ve launched a user-friendly product that makes people’s lives easier. Besides, in my previous job I have learned how to create a team spirit while also seizing opportunities. I hope to bring these aspects with me to Appsolutely!"

What are your ambitions?

"I’d love to learn more about consultancy; this is a new world for me! Also, I hope to be responsible for my own projects at Appsolutely, as this is something I very much enjoyed at Guidion. Eventually, I have the ambition to become a product manager and be responsible for the entire chain of a product."

What will be a challenge? 

"I am a hard worker, and sometimes I need to remind myself not to run too fast! There are times when it’s necessary to be a hero, but it’s also okay to zoom out and see the bigger picture. I hope to find more of a balance between trying to do everything myself and slowing down in the realization that we’re doing things together as a team."

Why did you choose Appsolutely?

"First of all, the innovativeness! Appsolutely makes their own products which creates a lot of room for creativity and entrepreneurship. These are things I recognize within myself. Additionally, all of my colleagues are working towards the same goals: to deliver qualitative products, to ensure customer satisfaction, and to grow. Lastly, as I’m a huge sports fan, I love that they give me the freedom to schedule my own days. If I want to exercise in the afternoon to have a better focus the rest of the day, it’s no problem at all."

Also interested to work for Appsolutely like Roos? Take a look at the open positions we have.

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