Meet Rodrigo
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Meet Rodrigo

For Rodrigo Dantas, our new colleague from Brazil, software is like ‘living art’. Coming from a creative background, he loves the fact that his work as a salesforce developer combines his passion for graphic design with the clear and pragmatic purpose of technology. “If it works, it works. But you can always make it better and keep learning, especially keeping the end user in mind.”   

Rodrigo Dantas

Tell us more about our new salesforce developer.

“I believe I’m very fortunate with my parents. My mother is an artist, my father a developer and I’m the perfect mix, ha-ha. So I have a curious and creative mind and I’ve been aware of software development since I was nine years old. When I was eleven, my drive for self-learning started by playing an old videogame where you had to build your own characters. But I didn’t have a controller, so I hacked the game to find another way. It was then that I discovered you could change something for user benefit.”   

Why did you choose Appsolutely?

“Being an autodidact, my career went very fast. But I feel like I still have a lot of developing to do, both personally and professionally. For me, Appsolutely is a fantastic environment for that. The company offers so many research possibilities and there are such great minds working here that I can learn from. Even more, Appsolutely is on the edge of new tech all the time, which for me is like living in the future. It’s the place to be and exactly what I was looking for.” 

How will you contribute to Appsolutely?

“By focussing not only on the back end, but also on the front end of my work, which has everything to do with my experience as a designer. I always say that software is made for humans, not engineers. So I keep the end user in the back of my mind at all times and I hold a strong focus on the KIS-rule: Keep It Simple. I like to compare the principle of human interface with a joke: If you have to explain it, it’s not good.” 

What goals are you aiming for?

Since I’m very keen on reinventing myself and my ideas, I want to invest a lot in growth. Not only considering myself, but especially my team members. My holy grail is to build up the people around me, help them to see themselves and how skilled they are, so they become more confident. I call it the happy goals. Also, I’ve been wanting to live outside of Brazil for quite some time, so I can cross that one off my list now.”

Do you also have passions outside of work?

“I’m a real bike person, a nature explorer and a photographer. When you explore, you’ll never get lost, is my motto. So I’m very pleased that the Netherlands is such a great country for cycling. And I’m very much looking forward to seeing more of Europe, meeting different people and learning new languages. Last but definitely not least, I really hope to see snow for the first time in my life.” 

What will be a challenge for you in your new job?

“Actually, I don’t believe in challenges because for me that’s a negative way of looking at things. That’s also why I never perceive feedback as something bad, even if it comes across that way. If something is difficult, it’s always an opportunity to improve yourself and/or your work. Otherwise, frustrations could get the best of you and then you won’t achieve your goal. It’s very natural to feel that way, but how you deal with it is what defines you as a person. So I’m not bothered by possible challenges for me at Appsolutely. Besides, we can never know everything.” 

How would you define yourself personality-wise?

“As a very positive ‘glass-half-full-kind-of-person, and I’m very connective and committed.”

Also curious to work for Appsolutely? Take a look at the open positions we have and maybe you are joining our team soon.

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