Meet Ricardo
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Meet Ricardo

Meet Ricardo

This month, we will be bringing a few fresh faces to the Appsolutely team. One of them is Ricardo Hamelink, our new Salesforce consultant. Since we are a curious bunch, we decided to give him the third degree. Why did Ricardo join Appsolutely and what does he think of us so far?

Don’t keep us waiting! Who are you?

‘Well, the basic information: I am 27 years old and I live in Nijmegen. It took me a few detours to get where I am today. After high school, I tried my luck majoring in Management, economics and law. Since I really didn’t know what I wanted to do, it didn’t work out. After that, I took a job at Albert Heijn and quickly managed to become a team leader. I ended up in the talent pool and got a lot of extra management training. I learned a great deal from that. I decided I wanted to be challenged more, and enrolled myself in International Media and Entertainment Management studies. I learned more about change management and did a minor in web and app design in Finland. That really took my interest.’

Can you tell us about that?

‘It was way more technical than I was used to and it triggered me. After that I managed a project for a chipmaker. I instantly knew I wanted to do something with technology and apps. I took an internship at the Wonderkind start-up in Amsterdam and that’s where I learned to work with Salesforce. After two years, Appsolutely came into the picture.’

Obviously, you took us up on our offer!

‘I got a few offers, but Appsolutely really stood out. A young company with fresh insights and a different way of working. The fact that there is room to do innovative things and think out of the box: That really appealed to me. I was eager to take on the role of consultant. Never done that before, but I am up for the challenge. The past few weeks I worked hard to attain Salesforce certifications and visit customers to help with projects in progress. Another reason to join Appsolutely is the more complex implementations we do. I love to sink my teeth in more intricate projects.’ 

What kind of role do you take on in a team?

‘Well, you certainly can have a laugh with me. I always try to bring some lightheartedness in a company. That being said: I am also a serious person, that steps up to the plate when we need to. It’s all in the balance. I learn fast and like to discover new things. I like to figure out why we do things the way we do them.’

We are curious about your personal life too…

‘Here I like to put in some balance as well. I enjoy going to restaurants and have really good food, watch some Netflix with my girlfriend, or just have drink at a nice bar with my friends. I appreciate this more than going out to a club. To balance it out, I go out jogging. I like to stay fit, but I am not the type to go to the gym for a legday.’

What makes a day at the office a great day?

‘When I really have to work up a sweat. I like a challenge. If I nail something that really took some effort, I am happy. Pair that with a happy customer, and I will leave the office with a big smile on my face.’

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