Meet Marco
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Meet Marco

Meet Marco

A new month, and a new addition to our ever-growing international team. Meet Marco Almodova who joined our forces with his expert knowledge of the Salesforce platform, straight out of Brazil. Of course, we are curious about his background and about his thoughts on Appsolutely. So, like a good Picanha (google it), we grilled him!

We would love to hear about the person behind our new senior developer:

‘I left Brazil three weeks ago to start a new life in Utrecht. My wife will be joining me very shortly. Right now, I am 32 years old and my wife and I have been together for four years. We already planned to get married, but when I heard I could join Appsolutely, we sped things up a little. That’s why we got married just before I traveled to Holland. Next year, we will have a big party to celebrate it with all our family and friends. We can’t wait for that!’

Why did you choose to join Appsolutely?

‘What I would love to have is some experience working abroad. It is a big step, but I think it would really help my development. Professionally and as a person. Appsolutely found me on LinkedIn and after a few interviews, I decided it would be a great fit. I like the road Appsolutely is taking and I like that Floor and Jaap expressed interest in who I am as a person, not only the professional side. Although I have a lot of experience, I can learn a great deal here.’ 

Can you tell us about your experience?

‘Since 2014, I’ve been working with Salesforce as a Salesforce architect. I was the first employee of the company in Brazil and did a lot of implementation projects for several customers. In the early days of that company, I worked by myself a lot, so I had to figure out most things by myself. During these years, I was able to learn a lot about the Salesforce ecosystem. The result: I earned 17 Salesforce certifications and I’m planning to get more!’

What do you bring to the Appsolutely table?

‘In my new role as senior developer I bring my experience of course! I will be using that to help new colleagues with Salesforce implementations, modules and developments on the platform. I am hands on and I really like to work in a team to learn new things. Besides that, I believe we shouldn’t just focus on technology during a project. We need to take the time to understand business processes, make these clear for everyone involved and translate those business needs into technology. That, I think, is the key to a successful project.’

What do you do to let off some steam?

‘Going out with my friends is the perfect way. I already have another friend from Brazil who lives close by and I am hoping to make more friends. I also like to play and watch basketball ever since I was a teen. At home, I like to read. I have set myself the goal of reading one book a month during this year and I’m in a good pace right now. I have read the Game of Thrones-series, however, besides fiction I also like to read work-related books. Especially about soft skills. In the near future, my wife and I will also travel through Europe, since everything is so easily accessible by train!’

When will you be having a great day at the office?

‘When I had a few good talks with others and thought about a great solution for our customers. And, on top of it: if they’re happy with it. In the end, that matters the most: The journey towards a solution that fits our customer’s needs.’


Curious to also work for Appsolutely? Take a look at the open positions we have here.

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