Meet Koen
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Meet Koen

Meet Koen

From now on, August the 1st is a memorable day! We welcomed a new Salesforce professional into our growing family at the beginning of this month: Koen Verkaik. In this blog we introduce Koen and we will explain why he is the addition that makes our team even better suited to your needs.

What is your passion?

“I am a fairly sporty person. I run, cycle, play golf and I am part of a soccer team. A sporty attitude that also applies to my work. The enthusiasm that comes with playing a competitive game of soccer comes in very handy while addressing a challenging project. On the other hand, the discipline that is needed to push yourself at each training helps to resolve problems successfully.”

Which personality traits are typically Koen?

“Discipline is something that I find very important. Not only in my work, but also in my private life. In addition, I am quite focused. So if there is something I put my mind to, it will happen. A winners mentality. But never at the expense of others: it is purely about achieving goals. 

I often hear back that I am pleasant to work with. In short, I would say: enthusiastic, curious, driven and disciplined.”

Why did you choose Appsolutely?

“Appsolutely is a smart company with a certain type of DNA. One that handles complex Salesforce projects and strives for high quality. Things are well arranged at Appsolutely, but it doesn’t affect the company’s flexibility. Everything emphasizes that an approach is not a fixed process. Everyone here is encouraged to express what they think can be done better. Appsolutely is eager to utilize all available experience that colleagues bring to the table. 

So far I have not been disappointed. On the contrary. The onboarding process felt like a warm welcome. Appsolutely appointed me two colleagues as my buddies: a ‘newby’ and an ‘oldy’. A newby is a colleague who just came to work at Appsolutely. An oldy, logically, is someone who is part of Appsolutely considerably longer. I can turn to both with questions or comments. An extraordinary system, which is meant to take you by the hand and guide you through the first weeks. ” 

What challenges you in your new position?

“Previously, I worked at an organisation which had a Salesforce solution for recruitment agencies. Now, in my new role as Salesforce consultant, I am going to set up all kinds of different processes within Salesforce. An aspect of my new job that I am very excited about. I get to broaden my expertise by setting up new organizational processes and new branches. A big learning point for me. Where I used to develop just a small part of Salesforce I now get to discover all the salesforce elements.”

Are there any specific goals you would like to achieve at Appsolutely?

“I strive to become a Salesforce architect. One that designs complex Salesforce solutions, who guides and supervises junior consultants. A role I think will suit me, seeing that I’m passionate to help clients and colleagues out. Also, I want to help others find a solution where they are stuck. When our solutions exceed the customer’s expectation, that is when the real excitement sets in for me.  

So if you would like to have a chat with me about a winner’s mentality or discuss Salesforce solutions, please feel free to contact me! I’m looking forward to get in touch.”

Tel: +31 657742170


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