Meet Johan
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Meet Johan

We have a new Senior Salesforce Consultant among us, and he’s ready to do some heavy lifting. Not just because he’s an enthusiastic fitness fanatic, but also because he’s eager to lift Appsolutely to the next level! Let’s hear it for Johan van den Hoek, who has joined our team in February. Time to get to know our new colleague better.  

Hi Johan! You’ve had lots of work experience, but first: let’s hear more about who you are. Can you introduce yourself? 

Hi! I’m Johan, 46 years old and resident of Veenendaal. I’m happily married, and my wife and I spend a lot of time on our main hobby: sport! I practice fitness, spinning, mountain biking and bodybuilding. In between we like to visit concerts and music festivals on a regular basis, have an active social life, and we travel a couple of times per year.

Sounds impressive! Are you just as energetic in your job?

Yes, I’m a big team player. And I love tackling all kinds of challenges. My biggest one in this new function is to build a bridge between business and technique. I aim to create more structure and conversation amongst different teams. Another goal I’ve set for myself, is to get to know Salesforce inside out. 

Those are some great ambitions! Can you tell us a bit more about how you joined us?

Sure! Well – as you have probably understood – I’m no newbie on the work floor. I’ve worked for several companies in different positions, like consultant and business analyst. I got to know Appsolutely, because I worked for one of their partners. Why did I ultimately decide to make the transition? I was ready for my next step and to gain more knowledge of Salesforce, and I’m also keen on helping Appsolutely with the consultancy skills I have gathered in the last 24 years.

We’re happy that you did! You had your first day on February 10th. How did it go? 

It was a blast! I got a great introduction by Floor and a very warm welcome from my new colleagues. After this, I was introduced to two great customers and started a project with them. To summarize: my first day was a success!   

Off to a flying start, good luck!

Want to get in touch with Johan? Send him an e-mail!  

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