Meet Diego
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Meet Diego

Knock, knock. Who’s there? It’s our newest employee, Diego Maranhão. The 29-year old newlywed has just moved all the way from Brazil to Utrecht, joined by his wife. Of course, our curiosity didn’t stop there. Let’s hear more! 


Hi Diego! What made you decide to join Appsolutely?

‘’Well, this isn’t my first experience living in Europe. I lived in Finland for a year in 2013 and I’ve met a lot of great people during that time. Ever since, it was my dream to live abroad again. When my wife and I were planning our future, we decided we wanted to settle down abroad. Soon after this, I was contacted by a recruiter who introduced me to Appsolutely. I spoke to Floor, Jaap and Kjell and that made me very enthusiastic about the job. I decided to go for it.’’


That’s good to hear! And has the job met your expectations so far?

‘’Yes, I’m very happy with my decision! From the very first day, everyone was so friendly and helpful. In some ways, every first day at a new job is similar. There’s a lot of practical stuff, like getting to know the building and the protocols. But in other ways, Appsolutely was very different from other experiences. I’ve never worked in such a multicultural environment before. People are very open and social towards another; I like it a lot.’’


Speaking of which, what are your previous working experiences? 

‘’My career in Software & Salesforce development started about 4 years ago. It’s a bit similar to what I do now at Appsolutely, where I’m a Salesforce Developer. Of course, there are also new challenges. While working for Appsolutely, I expect to develop a lot of new skills and learn about consulting. My goal is to help the company grow and for myself to grow with them.’’


Sounds like a plan! But all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. So… what do you like to do for fun? 

‘’I love to just hang out with my wife, we also really like to travel. Another interest of mine is music: I play guitar. My music of choice? Progressive rock! When it’s time to quiet down, you can find me behind the computer, because I also enjoy playing online games.’’ 


Thank you for having a chat with us! Want to get in touch with Diego?  Send him an e-mail!


Also curious to work for Appsolutely? Take a look at the open positions we have here.

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