Getting Listed on the AppExchange
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Getting Listed on the AppExchange

Picture this: Your app development process reaches its end. The final tests were successful. Your peers are excited about your app as well. In other words: Your Salesforce extension app is ready to shine! And, of course, you want to make the most out of your listing on the AppExchange.

Time to launch your app

Listing your app as an expert contributes to the success of your app’s visibility within AppExchange.

It’s a must-do. However, with numerous steps to take, listing an app can be a daunting process, for any first time AppExchange customer or partner.

Checklist for launching

As an AppExchange partner you may find the process of getting your app launched on the AppExchange a little overwhelming, but the process can be quite simple.

The checklist below guides you through the steps required to get listed.

1. Prepare:

  • Create an AppExchange listing for your app via in the Listings tab.
  • Book office hours with Salesforce Security Team to discuss the app. This is optional but helps identify any sticking points with the team. This can take time to schedule. (
  • Create a scratch org that contains the unpackaged source.

2. Submit:

  • Submit this source for scanning via Checkmarx (
  • Review the report from Checkmarx and resolve any issues. Scan again until there are no issues or only false positives are returned.
  • Document any false positives with corresponding justification.
  • Perform ZAP scans on any API endpoints that are associated with the app and retain results for inspection.
  • Create a managed package of your app. Promote it to a release package.
  • In the partner community portal, submit your package for security review. Include the false positive documentation, scan results and a document detailing the relevant architecture.

3. Review:

  • Wait for a pass / fail from Salesforce.
  • If the package has failed, review any failures and either fix or discuss with Salesforce via a support case to the security team.
  • Once you have received a pass, launch your app.

If you would like more information on getting listed, why not checkout my Appsolutely Inspired video? I share more insider tips and tricks to make your completed app available on the AppExchange.

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