Get absolutely inspired with Appsolutely Inspired!
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Get absolutely inspired with Appsolutely Inspired!

We are launching an inspirational series of Salesforce webinars

Since corona still has a tight hold on our society, we figured: If we can’t go to events or organize them, why not meet and share our insights regularly online? As of now, we will hold monthly webinars, where our experts will dive into different Salesforce related subjects and themes. And, you are welcome to join!

Appsolutely Inspired webinars

Each webinar will feature a Salesforce related topic. From how to launch an app on the Salesforce AppExchange to thought leaders from our industry who share their vision. We will regularly invite customers or other experts to share the screen with us in order to inspire you. And, of course, experts from our own team will discuss their extensive experience on various subjects as well. 

Stay up-to-date with our Salesforce webinars

Each webinar will take up approximately one hour of your time, including a live Q&A-session. We will send out invites to our webinars and highlight them on our LinkedIn-channel, so shoot us an e-mail if you want to receive our invitations, or follow us, if you want to stay up-to-date. 

Registration is required to secure a place, so don’t wait too long if you see a session you’re interested in. 

Curious what we already have in store for you? You can check our webinar calendar here. 


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