Enriching the world of work for 10 million people - Release 4
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Enriching the world of work for 10 million people - Release 4

About Top Employers Institute Certification Programme

The Top Employers Institute Global Certification Programme has certified and recognised more than 1500 Top Employers in more than 118 countries/regions across five continents.

The HR Best Practice Survey encompasses over 100 questions that cover 600 ‘People Development’ practices across 10 topics: Talent Strategy, Workforce Planning, Talent Acquisition, On-boarding, Learning & Development, Performance Management, Leadership Development, Career & Succession Management, Compensation & Benefits and Culture.

Release 4: The Top Employers HR Best Practices Survey

In the latest Release for the Digital Transformation Project, Top Employers Institute enabled participants to submit the HR Best Practices Survey entirely on the Top Employers Portal for the first time. Hundreds of participants now have access to the survey in their suite of tools, along with resources, events, and the online store.

Leveraging Salesforce Community Cloud and Lightning Web Components, participants are guided through all the domains, topics, and questions in the survey in a user-friendly and intuitive experience. Participants can easily see which domains of the survey are not started, in progress, or completed. Clicking through each domain presents the participant with the number of questions and the number of open questions per topic.

On the answer level, returning participants can see the answer they submitted last year, as well as the answer submitted by their parent company with a quick and simple toggle. They can take the answer from the parent company answer or fill in their own. This allows companies to easily see deviations over time or between headquarters and subsidiaries, a keep component of the survey calibration and validation analysis.

Once the participant has completed the survey, the are able to submit with one click. This converts the survey to a read-only format and notifies the Top Employers Project Manager so they can move into the Survey validation process. Using Einstein Analytics, participants will then get real-time feedback on their answer submissions as well as be able to access a global overview on their subsidiary responses.

User Feedback on Release 4

How was it preparing to going live for the new survey environment?

"It wasn’t as admin intensive as expected based upon what we had to do for the initial portal launch last year – definitely less stressful. List views and reporting helped a lot."

How was it when you actually went live and since then?

"We were a little nervous, but also excited – we were expecting quite a few 'help' emails coming from our participants, but to our surprise we hardly received any."

What was most challenging? Or most different?

"Navigating the new platform and learning where everything is - but once we figured it out it was relatively straightforward."

What do you like about working with the new survey environment?

"Everything is on one place! We do not have to switch between other systems & Salesforce"

Release 5: Survey Validation and Feedback Analysis

In the next Release, Top Employers will enhance the Participant experience by providing real-time and integrated Survey finding validation, Survey scoring, and Feedback analysis. Stay tuned! Read about previous releases: 

Release 1. Making the Switch to Lightning

Release 2. Back to Standard with Sales Cloud

Release 3. The Top Employers Portal and Online Store

More information: Top Employers Institute. For a better world of work. 

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