Appsolutely Inspired: Know your Customer for Life - Introducing the for Salesforce App

An app that fills the need for correct and validated client data, but also has the additional benefit to adapt to practically every business process? That’s exactly what our for Salesforce App is all about. It provides real-time, accurate customer and prospect data within your Salesforce organization, which drives sales and market growth. Additionally, it helps to mitigate the risks of doing business. 
Learn from the expert
Our expert consultant Steve Thornhill is committed to help our customers get the most out of their Salesforce investments. In this webinar, he will show you how the for Salesforce App helps Sales and Marketing teams gain valuable insights into their customers and prospects, and how it helps Compliance officers with due diligence.
Event information:
When: Thursday, November 26, 2020 - 10:00 am CET
Duration: 30 minutes + 15-minute Q&A session
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  • Great examples of the valuable customer data that’s available.
  • How declarative and user-friendly the interface is to navigate.
  • How easy it is to customize the app to fit specific requirements as it relates to enriching account and lead records.
Who is the host?
Steve Thornhill is an experienced Salesforce Consultant and Manager Services. With 10+ years of sales, marketing and data integration experience, he understands the importance of real-time, accurate customer information as well as the flexibility of presenting its value to different sets of users.
Host Steve Thornhill

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