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Boost your sales with for Salesforce

An app that supports standard processes, but is extremely configurable at the same time? And therefore saves up to 24% of your precious time otherwise ‘wasted’ on administrative tasks like prioritizing leads/opportunities, manually entering customer info or researching prospects? That’s exactly what our for Salesforce App is all about. It fills the need for correct and validated client data, but also has the additional benefit to adapt to practically every business process. That makes this innovative app directly applicable to the most important procedures within a Salesforce environment.

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Everything you need

With our for Salesforce App you’ll have everything you need to bring your clientele to a higher level. Let us sum up all the perks:


Check, enrich and update all your client data automatically


Choose the modules that suit your personal needs best.


Find look-a-likes of your best customers, know the people you’re doing business with and prepare your client conversations with ease.

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“The most up to date and complete corporate information on all your clients in the blink of an eye”

Steve Thornhill, Manager Services
Steve Thornhill
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How does that work?

The for Salesforce App guarantees optimal data quality in just three steps. Or, to put in better words: You’ll have the most up to date and complete corporate information on all your clients in the blink of an eye. Talk about a timesaver! This is possible because the app checks, enriches and updates all the data automatically. So no more hassle with incomplete, old or double client data in your database.

Just take care of a one-time clean up (step 1), connect new leads or clients to enhanced corporate information (step 2) and finally be on top of everything with the Update Service (step 3). You can even choose different add-on modules in order to create a customized app that suits your perfect sales process.

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It’s all about the numbers and how to improve them

Research has shown that the average employee using Salesforce spends about 4 hours per week entering data into the CRM. Sounds familiar?

Looking at the percentages of sales representatives' time spent during an average week, these additional numbers* popped up:

  • 7% prioritizing leads/opportunities
  • 8% manually entering customer/sales info
  • 9% researching prospects

On the whole, only 22.9% follow any kind of a structured time management methodology at all. And only 17.9% of their time is spent in CRM, which has traditionally been the foundational program for sales.

According to the State of Sales Report by Salesforce’s Research Team, 66% of a sales representatives time is spent on administrative tasks and activities, not directly tied to selling during an average week.

So we thought: We can do better than that, right? And with the for Salesforce App you can too!

Play the for Salesforce introduction video
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Change the game.

The for Salesforce App was developed thanks to a successful partnership with Both parties added value to each other based on their specific expertise. provides data to her clients and knowledge of that data to Appsolutely and Appsolutely provides knowledge of Salesforce to her clients and to

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