Field service: Real-time planning, a 360-degree view and high-quality services

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Offer an excellent experience with our data-driven solutions and optimal Salesforce technology

The goal of any organization that deals with agents and assets in the field? Control, flexibility, and the ability to offer complete transparency to both field service professionals and their customers. And yes, we know: not one challenge is the same. Industry specific needs are meant to be met accordingly. So, while all organizations will thrive off control, flexibility and transparency, some of them might need one of those more than the others and some might need all at the same time. Don’t worry. We’ve got your backs!

Let’s take your processes up a notch

Appsolutely helps you take your field services to the next level. Provide your planners with the tools to optimize the scheduling process by giving them insight into the jobs to be done on site. Reduce the number of administrative tasks for your field agents and offer them all the needed details for their service appointment in time, so they can focus on delivering those high-quality standards. Increase customer transparency with real-time insight in changes or delays. We help you out, so you can turn your field service processes into a walk in the park.

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Here's how

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We help you aim for data-driven field service operations and ensure flawless customer and employee journeys.

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We see to it that you gain full insight in job performance and achieve lower service costs.

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We make sure you improve your time to repair, so you can strive for that one-time fix.

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Getting the field job done: better, smarter, and more efficiently

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, whether you fabricate industrial OEM’s or you’re a facility management professional: we offer high-end solutions that support your organization with scalable, efficient, and smart field service solutions. Get the most out of your resource planning, asset management and your people with Salesforce technology, tailored to your specific business needs.

Appsolutely field services

How about truly unleashing the full potential of your Field Service management?

We understand that every organization has their own challenges and opportunities. To give you an idea what might be applicable to your organization, we grouped the most typical challenges into four segments. You may recognize multiple aspects, so don’t be shy to check out more than one!

My Field Service management challenges are often characterized by (or related to)...

Chances are your service includes frequent home visits, or specific activities like installing cables and collecting debts. By nature, your service is generally similar on each and every location though you may make use of third-party technicians from subcontractors. If you aim for expansion, your challenge is to scale accordingly. Right now, the data you need is available, but plentiful and overwhelming, making it difficult for your planners to schedule and troubleshoot, without even considering exceptional situations.

What you need:

Seamless communication between planners and field agents on the job, optimized routing and reduced travel time. You want to improve your subcontractor onboarding to continuously ensure the quality they deliver, so that planners can make their troubleshooting more efficient. With AI informed scheduling optimization, you can make better demand predictions.

Sounds like what you need? Get in touch!

If you work in, for example, insurance, dealerships, the automotive industry or OEM’s manufacturing, you might have noticed that it’s not always easy to understand and predict how many field agents you need at any given time. In the meantime, your customers want control: they want to be able to plan, change or cancel their appointments, and you want to live up to their expectations.

What you need:

Instant follow-ups on ad hoc demands and automated appointment scheduling for customers. Expanding customer self-service ensures a pleasant and repeatable customer journey. Conversational AI, or chatbots and customer service solutions can help you triage and lead customers to the right expert or field agent faster, enabling them to initiate services themselves. Efficient resource planning is the way forward!

Learn more about how we make that happen for you!

The complexity of what you offer is generally high. You might work in real estate or facilities management, as a first responder, in oil and gas or as a mechanical contractor, or another industry. You offer very specialized services that require expertise. You need a flawless interaction between your experts and less experienced technicians, both on an interpersonal level as well as on a digital level.

What you need:

Real-time visual support and transparent service reporting. With AR supported video collaboration and (Internet of Things) troubleshooting, you can bring less experienced technicians and experts quicker onsite, increasing efficiency. This means less repetitive tasks, reduced administration and more hands-on job time.

What can we do for you? Let us know!

Your services may not be easily transferable because they are highly specialized and your agents and technicians are hugely committed to the outcome. For, for example (but not limited to), utility management, or industries covering telecom, medical devices, or industrial OEM’s optimal insight in processes is not always guaranteed. Moreover, there is a high level of responsibility resting on the shoulders of your agents and technicians to ensure customer satisfaction.

What you need:

You need real-time insight in your resources and skills, and direct availability of critical information, so that you can anticipate your (aging) assets, the transfer of niche skills and a spotless digitalization process. With Internet of Things-based predictive maintenance and outcome-based contracts, you can help your agents and technicians get better at limiting maintenance and you can arrange that the first steps can be done remotely. That way you can improve your time to repair and ensure a lower part usage.

We’re here to help you out. Get in touch.

Field Service management done right: we optimize your processes

The answer to catering your employees’ and customers’ growing demands and expectations? That’s almost always a digital transformation. Regardless of your industry and your specific challenges. Appsolutely knows the ropes of field service solutions, inside and out. What makes us so special? Well, many of us have worked in organizations just like yours and understand exactly what your company goes through. We dive into your industry, operations and your business processes thoroughly and efficiently, and give sound and experience-based advice on how to cope with your challenges. We understand how a truly 360-degrees view of your resources, assets, stakeholders, customers and employees is critical for your organization.

We bring industry-specific knowledge and tech together

Another winner? The combination of our love for technology and our experience in field services allows for solutions to your problems that are practical, scalable, and futureproof. It also makes for short-cycle development processes and implementations that are value driven and low risk.

We believe in co-creation and in designing solutions from the point of view of the (end) user to ensure a successful result and to hit that high adoption rate. Ready to skyrocket your field service processes with us?

How can we help?

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