Shifting gears: MyGuest is ready for the future

Shifting gears: MyGuest is ready for the future

Managed Services, App Development

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A resounding success? You haven’t really seen one; not until you’ve read about this promising, future-proof partnership. For a few years now, Appsolutely has been working with MyGuest. An alliance of a lifetime? Yes, we would go that far! This story starts in 2017, when MyGuest’s Sebastien Robeyns encountered Appsolutely at the Salesforce World Tour. You could call it a right-place-right-time kind of moment. We just said: welcome to the club! MyGuest is now fully up to speed, both in the Managed Services department, as well as in the creation of new apps.

What has this collaboration been sparking exactly? Well, currently the majority of the Mercedes dealers, and a number of BMW/Mini dealers in the Benelux region are happily using MyGuest’s app. With over 300 active users, and a rapidly increasing interest in their current and future products, MyGuest is ready to fire up the engines as a future-proof IT force in the automotive branch.

Joining forces: ready for the future with Salesforce

“For a long time, our CRM system was not working in the way that we wanted it to. It functioned properly, sure, but really future-proof? Honestly, we were not even close. It only took us a few meetings to agree; Appsolutely would be a changemaker. We were unanimously sure, and in one sitting, we moved all of our files and projects from our previous partner to Appsolutely’s account. And so much has changed since we have joined forces. Thanks to them being a reliable Managed Services partner, we were able to make our existing app much better. The first go-live went incredibly fast. Quality-driven release management is a specialty at Appsolutely’s, and we certainly have been reaping the benefits of it. The best thing about all of this? It’s not about rushing things. It’s just a case of great organization.”

A jumpstart like no other

“Our Salesforce has never run so smoothly. And that’s thanks to the Managed Services from Appsolutely. It has given us clear vision and, moreover, the trust we need to expand. We continue to do so, and we build towards growth. With Appsolutely, we know that we are always ready for the next move. The jumpstart we now have is undeniable, and it allows us to not be just one step ahead of our competitors, but multiple!”

MyGuest has always been a company that thrives on partnerships. And we couldn’t have asked for a better one with Appsolutely. - Sébastien Robeyns, Head of Operations CRM and Innovations, MyGuest

“To be completely honest? I am not convinced that there is no magic at play here! Appsolutely is always there, and the resources to help are always available. They would move mountains to get the job done. Whenever we run into an issue, and we don’t know how to solve it, we reach out. The knowhow and the expertise that we get in return as part of our collaboration with Appsolutely is unmatched. Our dynamic is based on honesty and transparency. It allows us to be serious about the future.”

Finishing first place, and always ready for the next race

“The road that Appsolutely takes is the road of direct communication. We appreciate that heavily. We can always count on them to assign a dedicated expert, who will quickly get into the gist of the problem with us. Quality is key. For both our organizations. That is probably why we are such a good match. We know what we signed up for with Appsolutely, and the personal connection we have with the team is allowing us to really make things happen. When it comes to change requests, Appsolutely always knows what functionality is going to work out in the next few years. They exactly know which Salesforce solutions are going to be the next best thing, but they are also honest about the moments where we need to be patient, and step back for a second. What goes better than before? Everything, really. Appsolutely gives us solutions that are not only the most reliable and well-tested: we can count on the fact that they know in advance which solutions allow us to stay ahead of the rest. We just know that when we ask them for their help, it will be ok. And more than that. It will be spectacular!”

Be a partner – in every way!

“We are so excited to have Appsolutely by our side in the next steps of materializing our ambitions. Currently we work with one single app that deals with the whole CRM and fleet management. But what we want eventually, is to create a whole ecosystem of solutions for the automotive branch. We are looking at a complete extension of the “My”-products. All of the aspects within the apps will work together. We want our products to manage all the issues that occur at a dealer’s office. We know that with Appsolutely this will be a success. Not in the least because of the fact that they have introduced us to Penfield Digital, another excellent partner that helps us with customer cloud services. Penfield Digital is the best when it comes to Marketing Cloud and customer journey. We share the knowledge and get stronger because of it. It strengthens our market position.”

We had a rough start. But with Appsolutely we’re making the future-proof steps we believe our company and our innovative solutions deserve. - Sébastien Robeyns, Head of Operations CRM and Innovations, MyGuest

“Appsolutely offers a collaborative way of working that suits MyGuest perfectly. As the slogan of our mother company says: be a partner. That’s what we stand for and that’s how we work. We can’t do it alone. And we wouldn’t want to! With a partner like Appsolutely we are sustainably ready and resilient to anything that may occur. We haven’t second-guessed our partnership for one moment. We are ready to revolutionize the automotive branch. And Appsolutely will share in that success. As MyGuest, we have the best business processes in the game. We stay ahead of the competition. Our products are stronger, thanks to our partnership with Appsolutely. And that’s added value right there.”

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