Continent-wide consistency. Brink’s pulls off service excellence with Salesforce

Secure Logistics

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Brink’s, provider of secure logistics, cash management, and payment solutions, offers unparalleled service with Salesforce. With their newly implemented solutions, all types and sizes of businesses can now accept various kinds of payment, while making use of professional security transport and other services related to cash. And that was just the start. What followed was a continent-wide roll-out scheme of Salesforce-supported solutions. Pascal de Jong, project owner at Brink’s, oversees the projects. “We opted for Appsolutely because we had ambitious plans. And we are so pleased that we did!”

Increased service levels and anticipating emerging markets

With a designated Brink's team, Appsolutely developed a solution that was specifically geared towards increasing service levels throughout the entire organization. The very first step was to set up a workflow automation package in Sales Cloud for the Dutch branch of the enterprise. “As soon as businesses register with us, we need to deliver the necessary equipment and information, in the right place and at the right time. Like this, they can get started without delay,” says De Jong. 
"We mainly supply transportation services of cash and other valuables to large retailers, supermarkets, and chain stores. Since this market is contracting, the growth potential with existing customers proved to be insufficient. We want to make sure that paying with cash is as easy, safe, and affordable as when using other payment methods. Not only for large retailers, but also for small businesses. By standardizing our process digitally, my colleagues can focus more on the service we want to deliver.”

Next steps. Taking on Europe

After having implemented Sales Cloud for the Brink’s branch in the Netherlands, the next move was bold, yet unequivocal. A continental rollout was bound to happen. And with new products, services, releases, and an entirely new business unit, this need became increasingly urgent. “Our company grew after we welcomed G4S into the corporation in 2020. We did not have access to original systems and our customer relationship management data was scattered. Not ideal, very hard to use and act upon, and obviously more or less incapacitating if your ambition is to unify on a European scale.” 
To generate uniformity across all CRM systems in the European offices, Brink’s opted once again for Sales Cloud. “It allows us to use up-to-date leads, customer data, opportunities, contracts, forecasts, and pipelines. And to put our clients first, by delivering a consistent customer experience and service.”

Streamlined approach and teamwork

De Jong and his team are particularly happy with the speed of the process: "Quickly completing the first phase of the implementation and clearing initial user hurdles means we can define, create, test, and deploy new functionalities faster. This velocity laid the groundwork for our European ambitions, which are currently still unfolding.”
The project team embarked on the continent-wide project with a series of assessments and set up a clever project infrastructure that allows for a single point of contact per country. “We now also train local superusers. Thanks to this format, we delegate effectively and localize learning processes. Within the Salesforce toolbox, we have come up with a template for implementation, which also is in use to this day. It’s the same for every country.”
A European rollout is a major endeavor, for obvious reasons. Nation-specific regulations, language barriers, and currency standardizations were only some of the challenges the project team faced in earlier stages. “Yet, being able to rely on this formatted approach and our dedicated people, we always knew we’d make it work, even if it sometimes seemed overwhelming.”
“One of Appsolutely’s biggest strengths is their ability to translate our complicated processes and questions into Salesforce applications.” - Pascal de Jong, project owner, Brink’s Solutions Nederland
De Jong: “Up to this point, our projects and collaborations are proving to be big successes, regardless of the size and scope. And that wouldn’t have been possible without the undying enthusiasm, drive, and perfectionism of the Appsolutely team. We make use of each other’s strengths to streamline the process and make the collaboration more efficient. We work with a group of people that clearly enjoys and cleverly reaps the benefits of teamwork.”


Ready for the future of cash 

At this point, Sales Cloud implementations are scheduled in more countries to come. “Also, after finishing an implementation, local branches appear to get curious to expand the Sales Cloud package even more. The idea is certainly to start implementing more functionalities, such as registering contracts and online registration tools. And: we are now also looking at improving and unifying our customer satisfaction surveys.” In the Netherlands, Brink’s is already starting to unroll Service Cloud, for example.
In short? With Salesforce, Brink’s is ready for future steps. “Our line of work never stops changing. We are now developing new solutions for other forms of payment, so we need clever systems to support our clients’ needs and wishes for that as well.” De Jong continues: “A European infrastructure is the perfect setup for future developments.”
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