Brink's offers businesses unparalleled service with Salesforce

Brink's offers businesses unparalleled service with Salesforce

Secure Logistics

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Dutch consumers, thanks to major players like and Coolblue, are treated like royalty. From creating an account to making purchases, and from delivery to after-sales support, people are guided seamlessly through every step of the sales process, both online and offline. In short, these companies deliver a customer journey that has now set the bar for other organisations in the Netherlands. And this doesn’t only apply to retail. Housing corporations, municipalities and B2B companies feel compelled to up their game as well.

To raise the service levels, the Dutch branch of cash management organisation Brink’s decided to team up with Salesforce specialist Appsolutely.


Optimising service at Brink's 

Brink's is the world's largest provider of secure logistics, cash management and payment solutions. The solution Appsolutely developed together with the Brink's team was specifically designed to increase service levels throughout the Brink's organisation.


Smaller businesses can now also benefit from Brink's

Pascal de Jong, product owner at Brink’s, led the project, which involved more than just delivering a digital solution. Pascal: “We mainly supply transportation services of cash and other valuables to large retailers, supermarkets and chain stores. But this market is contracting, and even though we are a specialist and market leader in cash solutions and money transport, the growth potential with existing customers is insufficient. We therefore want to make sure that paying with cash is as easy, safe and affordable as when using other payment methods. Not only for large retailers, but also for small businesses.”

With Brink's new service solution, smaller businesses can accept all kinds of payment, while also making use of professional security transport and other safe services related to cash. “Smaller businesses act like consumers,” he continues. “They expect more from our service - as a consumer would expect from Coolblue, for example - so we wanted to bring that service to a higher level. To achieve this, you need a different way of thinking and working, but also the right digital tools to help you to fulfil your service promise.” The preference was for a custom implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce provisioning and Salesforce Service Cloud.


Appsolutely: an instant click

Brink’s contacted Appsolutely, the Salesforce specialist. “There was an immediate click,” says Pascal. “Their office in Utrecht is nearby, and you can quickly reach the person you need.” Brink’s set up a scrum team, which included a number of Pascal’s colleagues as well as experts from Appsolutely, to optimise the development process. “Appsolutely’s strength is that they are able to translate our current - quite complicated - processes into an application in Salesforce,” he continues. “Being specialists in this field, they think along with us and give their own input, which adds value to our collaboration.”


Automating the workflow during the sales process

The first step was to set up a workflow automation package in Sales Cloud. “As soon as businesses register with us, we want to deliver the equipment and information they need, in the right place and at the right time, so they can get started without delay,” says Pascal. “By standardising that process digitally, my colleagues can focus even more on the service we want to deliver.”

The registration process was also automated and optimised. “When customers register online, it immediately appears in our system. Since we provide financial services, there are quite a few steps they must take before approval is granted. If they get stuck at any point, we can offer immediate help. We also see when someone doesn’t complete their application, and exactly which part of the process they stop at. We didn’t have this information before, so we didn't know why anyone failed to complete their registration. Now that we have these insights, we can act accordingly,” says Pascal.


Scrumming: faster development, testing and implementation

“The scrum method worked perfectly for us,” he continues. “As a result, the project went smoothly and we were able to regularly discuss improvement points. By splitting the development process up into smaller parts, we learn along the way and also optimise the system step by step.” Pascal is particularly pleased with the speed of the process: "Having completed the first phase of the implementation and cleared the initial user hurdles, we can define, create, test and deploy new functionalities even faster."


Salesforce Service Cloud: the next step

The collaboration between Brink’s and Appsolutely is still ongoing. “Gradually more and more ideas are emerging about improving our system,” says Pascal. “For example, we are currently going live with a feature that enables contracts to be digitally signed, sent and received. Not only is this customer-friendly, it’s also ideal in the context of COVID-19.”

Due to the coronavirus, Brink's has not yet been able to fully implement the new Salesforce functionalities. "The retail sector has been particularly hard-hit, although we have received plenty of positive feedback about the software from current users and colleagues," he says. “And we’re not standing still. Many of my colleagues dreamt of a workflow tool for years, and are very happy with it. That’s why we also want to bring our customer service processes to the Salesforce Service Cloud.”

“Appsolutely’s strength is that they are able to translate our current - quite complicated - processes into an application in Salesforce.” - Pascal de Jong, product owner, Brink’s Solutions Nederland

The next step has been taken. Read more about Brink's international rollout in 'Unified CRM across the continent: Brink's moves forward with Sales Cloud'.

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