What I love the most: Building bridges between customers and technology

Gaspar Rodriguez - Salesforce Consultant

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A study in Cultural anthropology, International Business Relations in the States: It’s a curriculum vitae you wouldn’t expect with a Salesforce consultant. However, consulting is not just giving out advice about technology. It’s also about finding out what technology would really suit with a company and its internal culture. Gaspar Rodriguez is reaping the benefits of his learnings in his daily job with Appsolutely. Add a passion for Salesforce to the mix and you get an enthusiastic Salesforce consultant. Let’s find out more!

If you can imagine it, it can be built

“Every organization should use the Salesforce platform. Why? Because it’s so incredibly innovative”, he starts out. It’s not just a sales pitch. To put it mildly: If you can imagine it, you can build it on the platform. Rodriguez: “At Appsolutely we harbor a lot of highly qualified experts that really know their way around the Salesforce platform. Together we can tackle the most complex projects. Sometimes we can come up with solutions to a customer’s problem, that are so innovative, we have to build them up from scratch. Quite the challenge, but that’s what I love about my job.”

Gaspar Rodriguez Appsolutely

The biggest perk? ‘Gezelligheid’

The work in itself really makes Rodriguez’ heart beat faster, the work environment with Appsolutely is also one of the biggest perks. “Besides working on complex implementations, we also do a lot of fun stuff together. I’m in the ‘Gezellig’-committee that organizes skiing trips and bike rides.”

Rodriguez praises the versatility of his job as well.  “We are a relatively small company. You can spread your wings in many fields and on subjects. The core of my job? Building bridges between customers and the technology we use. I try to make them envision the benefits of our solutions for their company and explain how it works exactly.”

A complex project: The best challenge

One of those complex projects is a solution for an organization that assesses HR-policies of companies worldwide. If found adequate, the organization issues out certifications. Whether a company gets a certificate or not, depends on a few questions: Is it recruiting in the right way? Does it offer a healthy work environment? Is it possible to grow as an employee?

Of course, in these modern times, questions aren’t enough. That’s why the assessment is based on six data sources. “You get the best insights, when you combine these sources. You save time, if you can combine them in the same platform and let technology work for you. This project was a real challenge”, says Rodriguez.

Merging six data sources into one platform

Why was it so complicated? Rodriguez: “You can’t just choose a button and bring together six different solutions into one platform. We had to merge data from Excel-spreadsheets, a database filled with customer data, a system that harbored the reports, a solution that contained all the research data, a platform that held all the outgoing reports, and a platform that accommodated sales.”

There’s more to carrying out the customers wishes to change the way of working and collecting data. “The biggest challenge lies in the standardization and unification of different business processes. It takes some change management to accomplish this. With the new platform, we’re also implementing a new way of working. On top of that, we are also migrating 20 years of data. A tough job, but that’s what makes it fun!”

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