‘No project is the same: That’s what makes my job so great’

Dan Nicholson - Lead Developer

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He’s a little bit of an inventor: Dan Nicholson. After his studies in computer science, he made a career for himself in Salesforce technology. Now he’s a proud member of the Appsolutely team. He’s passionate about app development. Especially when he gets to work with new innovative technologies. His pride and joy? The OPAL application in Salesforce, and GrantIS. Both use cutting edge technology, so, what’s not to like?

Apply for grants using the Salesforce platform

A digital grant management platform which drives efficiency, transparency and usability, all the while being supported by Salesforce. That is what the GrantIS application entails. “We use Salesforce digital experiences to build custom grant application management software with flexibility that meets almost any requirements.” With the app, local and central government scheme funders are able to disburse grants to the right people efficiently, whilst improving citizen experience. And if the recent pandemic has shown us anything, it’s the importance of being able to quickly develop new grant schemes whilst ensuring the highest standards of accountability throughout.

Totally different, equally as exciting: OPAL

Now, for something completely different: the OPAL application. This allows financial organizations to get the most out of the goal-based investment portfolios of their customers. And, mark this eye-catching feature: A virtual assistant that tells you how to get the best return on your invested euro’s. “Besides the assistant, you receive information how to reach the goals you’ve set for your customer. Maybe you need to adjust your course a bit or do something different. The tool is a great help for financial planners”, tells Nicholson. He emphasizes that not one Appsolutely project is the same. “That’s the best part of my job.”

Working from home, in England: It’s absolutely possible

Although Nicholson lives in England with his family, the switch to Appsolutely came naturally. “In my previous job, I worked closely with Jaap Branderhorst from Appsolutely to develop a Salesforce app. It was such a good collaboration: When I heard there was an open position at the company, I applied”, he says. The developer works from home, and regularly flies in for meetings. It goes without saying that he tries to participate in the fun outings as much as possible as well.

Developing yourself and growing on the job

Another great part about working at Appsolutely? “I get incredibly valuable on-the-job-experience. That’s one thing. The other part is that I am really being given the opportunity to grow and develop myself personally. I attend courses and programs to grow in my field of expertise”, Nicholson stipulates. The pros of the job don’t stop there. Nicholson: “It’s a big plus I get to work with other insanely knowledgeable professionals. Whether you’re a junior or senior developer: you’ll learn every day.”

The developer also praises the work environment. “We help each other whenever we can. We are all driven to bring a project to a successful end. Even if it seems like a daunting task at first. The icing on the cake? If a customer is really happy with the results, obviously!”

Dan Nicholson Appsolutely

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