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Salesforce Developer at Appsolutely



You're never too old to play. We’re not, at least. We love building, testing, pushing boundaries and hooray moments. As a Salesforce Developer, you will be Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee and Megatron all rolled into one. Every day, you will transform different customer questions into crystal clear solutions. So if you never tired of the game, come join us. Appsolutely.

Courage is the key as far as we’re concerned. Peering over the edge and seeing how far you can go. Let apps, sales, service and cloud computing come together and a new world will open for you. Salesforce makes a lot possible, and it’ll be your job to ensure that the most hair-brained plans actually work.

We don’t have a long list of specifications that you have to meet. No, please just be yourself. Maybe you made Transformers from technical Lego as a child, and that’s how your love of building developed. Maybe you were building apps before the world logged in to Mark Zuckerberg every day. Maybe you were recently seconded to the Unilevers and Aholds of this world. It doesn’t matter. What matters is your love of your field. If you want to join us, and we both want the same thing, we’ll offer you extensive training on the ins and outs of Salesforce. That’s how we'll build the perfect team.

Daan Loosen, recruiter, at recruitment@appsolutely.nl if you'd like to drop by for a chat. We’ll make the perfect (virtual) cup of coffee for you.

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