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Salesforce Consultant at Appsolutely



Quality starts with monkeying around. Conceiving, testing, polishing, discarding and beginning again. Only then can you make progress. And amaze your customers. Customers sometimes have questions that they themselves don’t understand. Yet things still pan out well. That's what you’ll take care of as a Salesforce Consultant. For yourself, too. Because if you really love your field, you’ll come to work with us. Appsolutely.

The fact that you love Salesforce, like Einstein loved maths, makes us friends already. Challenges and investigations are part of our culture. New opportunities arise where apps, sales, service and cloud computing come together. Salesforce offers many opportunities, and it’s up to you to ensure that your customers retain their territory through advice and innovation.

And to be able to innovate, you need to monkey around first. Because naturally we don’t want to know that something isn't possible. We simply invent functionalities that don’t exist. If you can conceive it, you can make it. Just like nature, we find smart solutions for everything.

Requirements (spoiler: there are not many!)

And we'd like to do that with you. We don’t have a long list of specifications that you have to meet as Salesforce Consultant. No, please just be yourself. You might previously have worked as a solution architect, and you’re now more of an advisor than a designer. Or maybe not. Perhaps your talent lies in determining the strongest crew. It doesn’t matter. If you want to join us, and we both want the same thing, we can dive in the deep end together.

A little bit about us

Appsolutely is growing like a weed. Fast and furious. A warm nest with big ambitions - that’s us. Step on board if you'd like to spread your wings with us. Personal growth is very important to us. And if you like doing voluntary work, you’ll get two days paid leave each year to do just that. What’s more, you won’t need to stress out about traffic jams on the way to our club house. We'd rather ensure that you have the perfect working environment at home.

You won’t be paid peanuts, and we even have a great bonus scheme. Plus 25 days of holiday a year and flexible benefits to choose from. But it’s not only about the bucks. Ultimately, it’s mentality and quality that matter.

Mail Daan Loosen, recruiter, at recruitment@appsolutely.nl if you'd like to drop by for a chat. We’ll make the perfect (virtual) cappuccino for you.

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