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Salesforce Business Consultant at Appsolutely



A car engine contains dozens of moving parts. If you want your car to run smoothly, it is vital that all the parts are properly oiled. The oil lubricates, cleans, and cools them as they cycle thousands of times every minute. You already knew this. In fact, you understand that sustainability is critical in the automotive industry nowadays. Hence, oil is becoming less and less important and alternatives need to be found. As Salesforce Business Consultant, you have a solid understanding of the requirements needed to make an organization or department run smoothly. And if these requirements change, you are the first one to notice and take action.

You love Salesforce like a mechanic loves oil. And you are eager to convey this love to our customers. You take their needs into account and have no trouble deciphering the real issue. That is where you identify improvement opportunities. And to do that, you need to be curious and a natural communicator. Customer centricity is at your core, just as it is at ours. You operate independently, bridging the gap between various divisions and stakeholders of our clients. If you can’t wait to make sure everything is running smoothly, come join us. Appsolutely.

Requirements (spoiler: there are not many!)

We don’t have a long list of specifications that you have to meet as Salesforce Business Consultant. No, please just be yourself. As a child, you may have helped out in your dad or uncle’s garage, fixing up other people’s cars, and that’s how excellent customer experience became your motivator. Or maybe not! It doesn’t matter where you come from, what matters is where you go. If Appsolutely is your destination, you can be sure that from now on we’ll continue down the same path.

A little bit about us

Appsolutely is growing like a weed. Fast and furious. A warm nest with big ambitions - that’s us. Step on board if you'd like to spread your wings with us. We value personal growth. And if you like doing voluntary work, you’ll get two days paid leave each year to do just that. What’s more, you won’t need to stress out about traffic jams on the way to our club house. We'd rather ensure that you have the perfect working environment at home.

You won’t be paid peanuts, and we even have a great bonus scheme. Plus 25 days of holiday a year and flexible benefits to choose from. But it’s not only about the bucks. Ultimately, it’s mentality and quality that matter.

Mail Daan Loosen, recruiter, at recruitment@appsolutely.nl if you'd like to drop by for a chat. We’ll make the perfect (virtual) cappuccino for you.

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