TrailblazerDX '22: A first glance by Guilherme and Rodrigo
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TrailblazerDX '22: A first glance by Guilherme and Rodrigo

At Appsolutely, we think it's important that we keep up with the latest developments in Salesforce's products, in order to provide our customers with the latest solutions. Our developers Guilherme and Rodrigo had the honor of attending Salesforce's 'TrailblazerDX '22' live event in San Francisco. In this blog you find a first recap of their impressions.
TrailblazerDX '22

Guilherme Uhelski at AppsolutelyGuilherme Uhelski

TrailblazerDX is the annual Salesforce developer conference, and after a two year hiatus, this year's event did not disappoint. The atmosphere was really nice, and we saw a lot of new things that will soon be available. The keynote speeches were particularly insightful, and we're excited to see what the future holds for Salesforce development.
Some of the sessions we visited:
  • Working with Browsers and Web Standards to Evolve LWC (Greg Whitworth): Salesforce is working together with Browser vendors to push the web forward, one recent example is the deprecating of alert()/confirm()/prompt() APIs, which prompt the creation of polyfills to keep these features alive. More information on 'Preparing Your Components For The Removal Of Alert Confirm Prompt'.

  • Introducing the Salesforce GraphQL API (Spencer MacKinnin/Ben Sklar): Salesforce is introducing the much awaited GraphQL API, which will enable users to query only the information that they want and also avoid unnecessary round trips to the server in order to get that information. More information on 'Introducing The Salesforce Graphql Api'.
    Read my blog about the GraphQL API in Beta >

  • Introducing the New gRPC-Based Pub Sub API (Philippe Ozil/Tyson Read): Salesforce is introducing a new Pub Sub API, making use of the gRPC protocol and also taking advantage of HTTP2, making event driven integrations much easier and fast while moving away from the not so much loved cometD. More information on 'Pub/Sub Api Building Event Driven Integrations Just Got Even Easier'.
Trailblazers are the heart and soul of Salesforce. They are leaders, innovators, and lifelong learners who make the world a better place for others. You can become a Trailblazer, too!” - Salesforce
Rodrigo Dantas at Appsolutely

Rodrigo Dantas

Last time in San Francisco it was a pré-pandemic DreamForce19' at that time we had no idea what was about to come yet. Now almost two years later you can still see the same energy in the city coming once again. In The Netherlands we already had the restrictions flexibilizations and it was really fun to see this kind of reopening again, many people don't remind anymore how we used to do some basic stuff, like attend to a very cool event that brought a lot of joy and knowledge to everyone that are able to join and also how everyone are doing their best to come back with all things that we used to have and do.
“Salesforce is not focussing on developing their platform for a while, in fact they are already creating new products over their platform. This shows how much as a platform is consolidated.”
In this blog I'll tell you about the event itself, the message Salesforce is giving and how everything comes together and takes a place into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
During the event kick-off the message was clear: Salesforce is not focussing on developing their platform for a while, in fact they are already creating new products over their platform. This shows how much as a platform is consolidated.
Hmm nice, so what now? How will it affect my life?
The answer is, in many ways. The desire to cover some gaps and reduce the noise between BA's and stakeholders, have led Salesforce to Flows, and the reason for that is just one, bring the business knowledge to a production to solve some problem. Ok, but it's what developers do everyday, what is the difference? The difference is that even if you don't know how to code you will be able to automate/create/maintain, and integrate complex business logic, with this entire set of tools that are available for you.
This really opens an entire new branch of opportunity to users and small teams that easily connect a Google spreadsheet to Salesforce with low code. Which reminds me that development is not just code and development is for everyone!
It was really nice to see a lot of live demos, new features and products like Hyperforce, that solves an old compliance issue for some scenarios, the online dev environment, DevOps demos and so on. But the part that most called my eyes was referred to as the 'Mini-Hacks', they were part of the event quest.
So these quests consisted of a series of challenges that should be solved before the end of TDX. All the challenges were in fact hands-on of the new products coming.
One of these products is the Mulesoft Composer which is a Mulesoft product that runs as an APP in Salesforce, and as befits a good developer, I've found a bug in the Composer. 
I’ve found a bug in the Mulesoft Composer. You may have this same issue: it's not possible at this moment to delete the created connections in Composer. Wait… what? Why should I not be able to delete a connection? The answer is: you can delete but it does not have a real place for that.
So how do we work around it, you just need to "Create" a new connection, and during the connections you will be able to see the delete option for existing connection records. Not that easy when you need to build and rebuild that few times. 
Of course this feedback was informed to the product PO, and it was also very warmly received because this is what this event is about, connecting devs!” - Rodrigo Dantas at TrailblazerDX '22
We are looking forward to sharing more about what we learned in future posts and how we can help your business take advantage of these new features.
Guilherme has written a more indepth blog about the GraphQL API in Beta. Read it here!
Any questions you'd like to ask Guilherme and Rodrigo? Contact them!

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