Meet Wenbo
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Meet Wenbo

Nǐ hǎo and a warm welcome to Wenbo Liu, our new junior Salesforce developer from China! Since that’s a very large country, we’ll be a bit more precise: Wenbo comes from the capital city of the northern Liaoning province: Shenyang. She’s been living in the Netherlands for about eight years now, initially to study Art and Technology at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede. After that, she did a Master programme Media Art Design and Technology at Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. All the fun projects she did during her study can be seen on her personal website. So let’s learn a little bit more about the woman behind this jam-packed page!  

What did you do prior?

“I played around with different types of technology during my studies and internships. I am a creative designer and developer of games, apps, animations and interactive products. I worked at IBM Services Center for almost two years as a junior Salesforce developer. I’m in possession of the Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce Platform Developer I and II certifications.”

What is your passion? Also outside of work?

“My passion is technology, especially Salesforce skills. I feel comfortable working with that. After work, I like playing with my cavia’s (Dutch for guinea pigs). They help me to relief pressure. During the weekend, I like painting and during holidays, I like travelling. I love to randomly pick a new place to experience.”

How would you define yourself personality wise?

“I’m a little bit shy, but I am quite easy-going. I am always curious and eager to learn new stuff.”

What makes your day great work wise?

“When I achieve something by the end of the day and make my clients happy by successfully delivering the products they asked for. In the meanwhile, it’s also important to make myself happy through personal growth.”

Why did you choose Appsolutely?

“First of all, it’s about the company name. I appeal to it: ‘Do you want to start a career here? Appsolutely.’ ‘Where do you want to work? At Appsolutely.’ Secondly, what Appsolutely does, is what I am looking for. Last but not least, this interview makes me want to be part of this family.”

What will be a challenge?

“Foremost, I think it will be quite challenging to find my own position/role within Appsolutely. Also, keeping my skills updated and fresh would be my everyday challenge. I’m a firm believer in making every day count.”

What goals are you aiming for?

“To follow my Salesforce career path as a developer. I aim to be a Salesforce technical architect in the future.”

How will you contribute to Appsolutely?

“Simple yet to the point: Gaining our customers satisfaction together with my colleagues.” 

Also interested to work for Appsolutely like Wenbo? Take a look at the open positions we have.

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