Meet Sunny
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Meet Sunny

With his role at Valtech, Sunny embarked on the great Dutch adventure. He moved to the Netherlands, from India to grow personally and professionally. As a people person, he finds it easy to connect and read emotions, and is a balanced thinker. He believes the way to grow is continued learning and evolving. Two things he is most passionate about are his family and fitness. Let’s hear more from him.
Sunny Teotia at Appsolutely joins Valtech

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Sunny Teotia. I grew up in a city called Ghaziabad in India. I have been married for more than 3 years now. This is my first time living in the Netherlands or Europe, and I am excited about this chapter of our lives. 
I studied engineering and began my career as a software engineer. Post my MBA, I worked with Capgemini as a consultant. That was where I got introduced to Salesforce. It’s been 8 years since and I have not left the Salesforce bandwagon. I changed roles and companies but I stuck to the technology. 

What brought you to Valtech?

It was the right opportunity at the right time. My wife and I were looking to move abroad, to expand our horizons. I was exploring options in Europe, in Salesforce. I am at a stage in my career where I was looking for a long term association with a company. Valtech is doing really well in the digital transformation space and with the addition of Appsolutely recently. The Netherlands was on top of our list, for being immigrant friendly and the ease of getting around with English. So it all just came together, when I came across the opportunity at Valtech and applied for this role. 

How do you find the Netherlands?

The Netherlands, especially Amsterdam, has a very touristy vibe. The one thing you do not see when you look at videos and pictures, is the weather! It can get quite cold, and it does rain often. I like the whole bike culture here. The cutest sight I saw was all the babies being ferried around in the bakfiets

What were your first impressions of Valtech? 

My first takeaway was that the team is very agile. When I see from within, it is a bunch of smart people working together in an agile environment. Everyone is reachable. I like the fact that there is a flat hierarchy. People are chilled out and willing to help each other, when needed. That is the kind of work environment I was looking for. 

What will you be doing at Valtech?

I joined Valtech as a Salesforce consultant. I will be working with the team to provide digital CRM solutions to our clients using the Salesforce platform. These solutions can be centered around improving Sales, Service, Marketing effectiveness using cloud offerings that we have in Salesforce. These implementations can have customizations and integration requirements of the client. I help them in their digital transformation by evaluating their key business practices, their pain areas and design and implement Salesforce solutions for them. 

What goals do you see for yourself?

People in tech consulting, like me, no longer have the luxury of learning once and remaining an expert in one area, for our whole professional life. We need to put some effort in skill advancement and education to have the latest know-how. I worked as a subject matter expert in digital transformation in the CRM space and I believe in upskilling at every stage of my life. I aspire to become more competent across all areas of CRM, across industries and gain broader domain exposure. 
Meet Sunny - fitness is his hobby

What do you like to do when you’re free? 

I am passionate about my health. I’ve been working out for many years and I can personally say that being fit comes along with great benefits. You eat better, you sleep better. I stress less when I am working out. I start seeing solutions to life’s nagging problems. I think when you work out as a hobby, you view going to the gym as your downtime. Within my first week in the Netherlands, I signed up for a Basic Fit membership.

How would you describe yourself?

I can connect easily with people (and clients). And understand situations. I have that collaborative quotient and can work very well in a team environment. I know how to support people. I am good at judging someone’s mood and understanding the emotional quotient. I am also a complete rationalist who believes that sincerity and hard work is the way to go up the ladder. I am very attached to my family. I really enjoy spending time with my wife and my parents. 
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