Meet Naresh
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Meet Naresh

Even though our new colleague Naresh Kumar is a senior salesforce developer, his eagerness to learn will probably keep him ‘a junior’ at heart forever. That’s also what attracts him to the field of IT in the first place: ‘New stuff will always be thrown at you every day, it’s a unique thing about our work field, which I love.’    


Tell us more about our new salesforce developer: 

‘As you can read on our team page, I’m a 9x certified Salesforce Application Architect, with extensive expertise in configuring and customizing applications. I’ve worked with various medium and large IT companies, where I provided Salesforce CRM solutions for key customers. I was born and raised in India and worked in Mexico for a year.’


How did you cross paths with Appsolutely?   

‘One of my former clients was Philips, who invited me to come to the Netherlands and work there for some time. During that period, I frequently went to meetups with other salesforce developers. At one of those meetups the managing directors of Appsolutely, Jaap Branderhorst and Floor Knoups gave an impressive presentation. I immediately felt their passion and their focus on salesforce. So we had a conversation afterwards and I knew right away they were good bosses to work for, something I find very important.” 


Why did you choose Appsolutely?

‘Besides the positive impression I got of Jaap and Floor and their presentation, I was mainly persuaded because of the way they work, which is different from most other companies. I like the fact that they put quality over quantity, so you really get the chance to invest in your work and your clients.’


What is your passion? 

‘Since the start of my career, I’ve always been keen on start-ups. It’s where I started and because you’re part of a very small team, you’ll need to learn and do everything yourself. Very different from working at a grown company where you have just one specific job. Being part of a start-up for a year will teach you as much as during six years at a ‘normal’ company. Besides that, it’s fantastic to help grow something from zero to a hundred. But, since I’ve personally outgrown the start-up phase, so to speak, working at a scale-up as Appsolutely suits me very well.’ 


Do you also have passions outside of work?

‘Well, since my childhood, I’ve been playing cricket every day. I love that sport. But since I’m living in the Netherlands, I haven’t been able to find the type of cricket I used to play in India: it’s called street cricket and is quite different from professional cricket, which you do have here. So unfortunately, no more cricket for me at the moment and I really miss it.’  


What makes your day great workwise?

‘Well, first of all, getting an ecstatic response from the client after delivering the final product. That makes me ecstatic as well. And on a more general note, I’m always very excited about what the future will bring and how that relates to our work and lives. What will the world be like in a hundred years, especially in terms of technology? I probably won’t be here by that time, but it’s fascinating to even imagine. Considering developments like machine learning and cognitive technology, I think the possibilities are limitless.’ 


What will be a challenge for you in your new job?

‘Actually, I find the challenge is what keeps me motivated at the same time. It’s about the fact that we, the people in IT, must keep learning every day. We cannot skip that, not even at fifty of sixty years old. New stuff will always be thrown at us and we need to get with it. That’s definitely hard, but also satisfying.’  


How would you define yourself personality-wise?

‘Obviously, I’m eager to learn, which also means I don’t scare easily when facing something new. I always strive for one hundred percent in everything I do. Furthermore, I’m quite soft-spoken, calm, and easy-going. And I’m always curious.’ 


Also curious to work for Appsolutely? Take a look at the open positions we have here.


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