Meet Mert
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Meet Mert

Our newest Salesforce consultant, Mert Mete, was almost on his way to become a pro footballer! As a professional he is open, energetic, and enthusiastic about improving all his skills. He believes learning is a lifelong activity and the best way to learn is to just dive in. Let’s hear more from our new colleague.
Mert Mete at Appsolutely

Who are you?

“I am Mert Mete. I am 25 years old and got married recently. My parents are from Turkey and I am a Rotterdammer. I was born here, I studied here and I continue to live here as well.”

What did you do, prior to this?

“After my studies I started working with ‘My Solution’. I had my own projects and customers for a recruitment company. I worked to set up Front office systems. So, I had solo projects as well as bigger projects where I worked with a team.”

What will you be doing at Appsolutely?

“I will be working on implementation of Sales Cloud and I want to learn more about cloud functionalities.”  

Why did you choose appsolutely?

“I was looking for a company that would give me opportunity to develop myself. When I contacted Appsolutely, it was an immediate click. It was the opportunity to work on clouds and be able to work on upgrading my skills and expertise, all at the same time, that decided it for me.”

What challenges and goals do you see for yourself? 

“The biggest challenge for me is to learn the way of implementation that Appsolutely does. It is different for every consultancy organisation. Here you get immersed in a project straight away, which is how I learn best.
When I think of goals, I want to be a Salesforce expert. I definitely want to add more certifications and implementation to my technical skills. Along with that I also want to improve on soft skills. I want to become a consultant that can help have difficult conversations with the client and manage everything in an easier, more accessible way for the client”.

What are your interests, outside of work? 

“I love football! There was a time I wanted to play professionally but couldn’t make time for training with my job and my studies. My dad was also a player, so it runs in the family. I do enjoy playing it still. I play futsal (indoor football) when possible. Apart from that I like to play black gammon, chess, rummikub – mostly games that need strategy and thinking”. 

How would you describe yourself?

“It is sometimes hard to explain it. I see myself as an open and active person. My own standards for myself are high, though I don’t expect it from other people. I am also helpful. At some point of time, I want to be a mentor and help new trainees.”
Curious if there’s an opportunity for you at Appsolutely? Check out the open positions we have.

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