Meet Luc
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Meet Luc

Luc Faes joins us as our new Salesforce Developer. He calls himself a ‘bit’ of a perfectionist and genuinely wants to help people. It is his open and direct nature that make him a good fit for Appsolutely, where he aims to keep growing and updating his knowledge. He is a traveler at heart and loves to stay active. Let’s hear more from him. 

Luc Faes at Appsolutely


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

“Hi I am Luc. I come from Echt, a little village in Limburg in the South of the Netherlands. I studied business informatics in Venlo. Once I got my bachelor’s degree, I started working with Accenture. I was with them for two years, out of which I spent one year with the Salesforce group.“

What will you be doing at Appsolutely?

“I will be responsible for developing and working on the Salesforce platform, solving issues for the clients, working on different tasks and expanding on them. I will also be working on managed services cases.”

How would you define yourself personality wise?

“I think I am very open. I hope other people have the same opinion of me as well. I am a good listener. I like helping people. I am also a bit of a perfectionist and I want to provide the best possible solution for my customers and team.”

What do you like to do for leisure? 

“I love travelling. After I completed my studies, I backpacked for 6 months, across south-east Asia. I have partial Indonesian roots so it was lovely to visit and stay in the country for 2 months. It is beautiful. In my everyday life I try to be very active. I enjoy working out and normally I would go to the gym. Now I try to run as it helps me clear my head.”

What is an ideal work day going to be like? 

“I live far from the office and I will be working from home. A good workday for me will start at 9 and I would be able to help the clients. Since I like developing and writing code as well as interacting with clients, I would like to do both during my day and help connect the business better.” 

Why did you choose Appsolutely?

“For me, Appsolutely stood out as the people were very open, quite normal and direct. They liked me for how I am and they are very accommodating. I found that refreshing and I felt very comfortable right away.”

What challenges do you see for yourself?

“I only have one year’s experience with Salesforce so I see that as quite challenging. I got my developer certification recently and I am actively working to gain more knowledge so I can really add value.”

What goals are you aiming for?

“Right now, I would like to focus on expanding my expertise and getting more experience under my belt. In a few years I am hoping to be a senior developer."

How will you contribute to Appsolutely?

“I will initially take time to get familiar with everything at Appsolutely. Understand the working style, the processes, the clients, and my colleagues. After that I would be able to provide solutions and as much support as possible, for them.”  

What are your expectations from your new job?

“I worked with Accenture before this. I believe Appsolutely will have a less corporate environment. It will be more personal. In terms of work, I think it will lead to a lot of personal growth and development.”
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