Meet Jevgenijs
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Meet Jevgenijs

Jevgenijs ‘Jeff Tilley’ Tihonovs is our new Salesforce consultant. Besides Salesforce, Jeff is into gadgets, motorcycles, vlogging, photography and dogs. In fact he drove down all the way from Latvia to the Netherlands, with his rescue pup Bella. A geek at heart, he looks forward to learning and growing with Appsolutely and, of course, having fun! Let’s hear more from him.

Jeff Tilley at Appsolutely

Who are you?

I am Jeff. My "original" name is Jevgenijs Tihonovs, but since it’s hard to pronounce for English speakers, I’ve picked the alter-ego Jeff Tilley. I'm 31 years old and I've recently relocated to the Netherlands from Latvia, with my girlfriend’s job. 

What did you do, prior to this?

I started my career at 18, with my parent's company, as a sales representative. After that, I moved to a large Latvian construction company, "UPB". Three months into the job, the IT department of the company started implementing Salesforce and was looking for somebody who worked previously with CRM, to help ‘in the field’. I volunteered. A year later, I joined a Salesforce consultancy as a business development manager and grew up to Salesforce consultant.

What will you be doing at Appsolutely?

Besides having fun, I will work as a Salesforce consultant for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud projects. I will be involved in multi-cloud projects, which will help me grow professionally and enable me to implement more complicated solutions in the future.

Why did you choose Appsolutely?

I was looking for a company with like-minded people that offered the option to work remotely (at times), and enabled professional growth. During my first interaction with Appsolutely, I saw that people here have a great sense of humor and dedication. They do not take themselves too seriously, but are very serious about what they do. This is exactly what I was seeking. 
Jevgenijs Tihonovs on his motorcycle in France (private archive)


What challenges and goals do you see, for yourself?

Well, at the moment, I believe there is a gap in my knowledge of multi-cloud setups. Especially when it comes to B2C projects. So my biggest challenge is learning how to plan properly and build these kinds of setups. Secondly, I would like to understand how to work together with more senior experts, like architects, and develop projects with their advice or guidance. 
Last, but not least, the Netherlands is a new country for me. Despite the fact that I've been traveling most of my life, it is a new market and a new mindset. I’ll have to learn quickly. For example: how customers interact with Salesforce agencies, what their expectations are and the kind of challenges they have. 

How would you describe yourself?

This is the hardest part. I would describe myself as a chatty extrovert with a geeky mindset. I’m a gadget-addict. Virtually I’m getting myself any accessory possible for every occasion. 
I love reading books, traveling by motorcycle, creating movies and photography. In the past, I also played professional volleyball, but chose a different career path. I love animals and I have a dog called ‘Bella’. She’s a rescue dog that we adopted from a shelter in Latvia. In fact, I had to drive here in a cargo-bus, because Bella was too small to carry on a plane. Before Bella, I had a german shepherd and now I’m training Bella like a big working dog too. She’s 6 months old, but already knows how to sit, lie, walk near, come back, wait and there’s more coming!
Are you also interested in taking the next step in your career, with Appsolutely? Check our vacancy page for open positions.

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