Meet Igmar
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Meet Igmar

When asked what appeals to him about Appsolutely, our brand new Salesforce Consultant Igmar Elizabeth doesn’t have to think long: the family feeling and open atmosphere in the team. He hopes to experience this team spirit in real life soon, when Friday afternoon drinks at the office - or “Appsolutely Socials” - are possible again. For now, let's virtually get to know our colleague a little better!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Of course! I’m Igmar, I live in Almere and my family is originally from Curaçao. I have a lot of affinity with IT and after my studies I’ve worked for several years in the Information Technology & Services industry. My last job was at Accenture, where I worked for three years as a Salesforce Consultant, specializing in Einstein Analytics and Einstein Discovery.

How would you define yourself personality wise?

I would describe myself as a calm and caring person. I am a good listener who enjoys helping people, and I think this aspect reflects my way of working. As a consultant, I find being able to listen to customers and identify their needs to be a crucial skill. Furthermore, I value being in good contact with my colleagues and getting to know them on a personal level as well.

Why did you choose Appsolutely?

During the conversations I had with employees of Appsolutely, I already felt that the corporate culture would match my personality. Everyone is approachable and easy to talk to, and I was looking for a company with a relaxed and friendly culture. Moreover, a couple of years ago a few of my colleagues at Accenture went to work at Appsolutely. I hadn’t heard of the company before that, but the name stuck with me. Funnily enough, the recruiter I was in contact with suggested it to me as well. So, I guess it’s meant to be!

How will you contribute to Appsolutely?

As I’m specialized in Einstein software, I can add a lot of value in projects that make use of this. I am able to make accurate predictions based on data and I hope to provide Appsolutely with more insights. At the same time, I hope to learn from Appsolutely as well. One of my goals is to gain more knowledge about the technical side of Salesforce. I have a good idea of the functional aspect, but the technical side is new to me. I am eager to delve into that!

What do you expect from your new job?

I hope to experience fun and challenging projects, which allow me to broaden my horizon and gain new insights. I’m also excited to meet new people, both colleagues and customers. I’ve always enjoyed being in contact with customers and having the opportunity to see their way of working. Hopefully, I can bring value to Appsolutely’s customers and deliver something concrete to them that actually helps them in their day-to-day activities. That is what I enjoy most about being a consultant: seeing how the customer puts our product to use and where the points for improvement lie.

What do you like to do in your free time?

A lot of the things I like to do are not possible now, but I enjoy going out for dinner with my friends and trying out new restaurants. Going on holiday to warm and sunny places is also a hobby of mine. I was supposed to go to Curaçao last summer, to visit my family members who still live there, but Covid-19 did not allow it unfortunately. As soon as I am able to travel again, I know where I’ll be going first!

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