Personalized, digital customer experiences. Get to know commerce at Appsolutely
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Personalized, digital customer experiences. Get to know commerce at Appsolutely

Digital, personalized experiences: A new era of commerce 

Meet Appsolutely’s commerce expertise!

Today, strengthening B2B customer relations and securing business growth require an updated, data-driven approach. Anticipating your clients’ needs in today’s day and age means that you offer personalized, digital, and real-time experiences people keep coming back for. And we promise: you won’t have to say goodbye to your quarterly, in-person cup of coffee. Business development director Jos Strijbosch introduces you to commerce at Appsolutely.

B2B commerce is buzzing. What kind of tendencies should we keep an eye out for?

In B2B commerce, customers are collectively looking at online sales points. Now more than ever. This creates indeed quite the challenge. How do you align conversion in both your brick-and-mortar store and your digital environments? How do you manage interchannel conflicts and bottlenecks? And what about the internal readiness to start focusing on a data-driven approach?

A lot of companies are waking up to these tendencies, but have a hard time monetizing their (often large) piles of in-house data, for the purpose of measuring and reaching targets, to use it as a steering mechanism, to streamline processes, or to improve collaborations. On top of this, more and more B2B businesses invest in architectures and agile organizational structures to rapidly develop new features and business models. This means that process reorganizations and internal reevaluations are happening all over the market. The common denominator in all of these trends? Digitalization!


Talking about digitalization, what do end customers in the B2B market expect these days?

Repeatable order flows, insight into their own order history, online catalogs, and easily navigable infrastructures towards points of contact at their supplier. The end client truly expects personalized automatization in their contact with suppliers (check our factsheet to learn more about this). Similar to their B2C counterparts, B2B businesses need to catch up on this to stay relevant and to anticipate this growing expectation of instant gratification.

What are the main challenges your customers face?

So, as a result of what end customers expect, speed and agility are key. Being on the brink of a digital (r)evolution poses some challenges. Yes, the potential is tremendous. Digitized and personalized customer experiences in B2B mean great logistics, great inventory management, super-fast credit checks, online price negotiations, on-the-fly risk assessments, great partner portals with fast ordering, and overall business growth and output. These are promising prospects. But for many organizations, the first steps can be tough.

“Our clients are moving from a ‘digital-on-the-side’ to a ‘digital-centered’ way of doing commerce.” - Jos Strijbosch, business development director at Appsolutely

Once people understand how new business models can be developed in a digital-native way of working and how data can be used to optimize, personalize, and predict, they all get on board.

What is the best way to help them surmount these challenges?

Most clients really need time to get on board with major digital changes. And rightly so! Knowing where to begin can be complicated. In my direct network, I see that a lot of small-to-medium-sized companies are facing a new era. A novel, digital-oriented generation of C-level people is looking at changing up the pace in what was previously known as a more traditional style: for a lot of managers, sales and commerce involved visiting clients with a printed order list, chatting about the weekend’s race, and catching up over a cup of coffee.
And, of course, that personal touch in commerce (including the coffee and the one-on-one conversations) stays. In fact, personalization is getting increasingly important! The main challenge in these organizations is related to the actual digital transformation. And besides all the technical implementations and data migrations, these processes involve some organizational change, too. We can help with that and we support in fixing the basics required to reach your clients in a better, digitalized, and truly personalized way.

Why are commerce-related questions right at home at Appsolutely? 

Evidently, our Salesforce specialists know their craft really well. We have helped many companies in aligning their transformation processes with their existing business. Our in-house knowledge of the Salesforce clouds and the surrounding networks is indisputable. 
Besides that, Appsolutely aims for long-term relationships with our customers; we are a key player in the ecosystem and provide a modular approach. And we need that! B2B commerce involves many strands of expertise: strategy, design, integration, finance, sales management, HR, logistics -- you name it, the list goes on. A comprehensive service that comprises all those aspects? We doubt it’s possible. At least not without making mistakes or creating time lags. Finding each other’s strengths is much more like our speed.

“In the end, we don’t believe in reinventing the wheel when we don’t need to. Why risk losing velocity?” - Jos Strijbosch, business development director at Appsolutely

In short, Appsolutely understands and makes clever use of the entire Salesforce ecosystem. We don’t shy away from working with our peers. And that’s precisely what you need, especially in commerce. By working together, we deliver our clients’ commerce solutions faster.”


Jos Strijbosch at Appsolutely 

Jos Strijbosch is an IT and digital transformation veteran. Customer experience is his second nature, and it remains the basis of what he does today: helping B2B organizations accelerate their commerce efforts and elevate their client contact. Jos is married, has two daughters, likes good food and family life, and playing his saxophone.

Let’s talk! Plan a meeting directly with me or one of my colleagues or learn more about our commerce expertise.


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