Meet Antonio
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Meet Antonio

Our brand new Salesforce Architect Antonio Acosta Desmedt is a true technology enthusiast! Currently living in Madrid, Antonio loves video games, gadgets and programming. After studying Computer Engineering at university, he worked in IT consultancy for more than fifteen years gaining extensive experience in architecture. Let’s hear more!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Sure! My name is Antonio, I am a Certified Technical Architect and I was born in Santander. After graduating from university, I found a job in Madrid and moved there with my wife, who I met during my studies. Together we have two kids, who are 7 and 2 years old. 

Why did you choose Appsolutely?

In my current job, I am responsible for all the Salesforce Architects. I have been working for the same company for 15 years now, so I am ready for a change. I grew a lot in experience and competences and joining Appsolutely gives me the opportunity to learn new things. They have great ambitions and perspectives and I am eager to help them grow.

How will you contribute to Appsolutely?

I am a creative person and I think creativity is valued a lot at Appsolutely. Putting my Salesforce knowledge into practice in a new environment makes me inspired and motivated. Moreover, I’m focused both on the technical and business side of a project. I’m not just thinking about 1’s and 0’s but also about the actual underlying problem. I try to propose different solutions that are suitable for Appsolutely’s customers. And of course, I am passionate about technology and not afraid to take on a challenge!

What goals are you aiming for?

I would like to bring Appsolutely to a new level regarding architecture and help the team grow, especially those interested in architecture. Together, we can go the extra mile and improve the current operations.

What will be a challenge?

I don’t have a particular challenge in mind, but as I’ve been working for the same company for so long I think the main challenge will be to adjust to a new environment. A new company means a new way of working, a new culture and new people. But I am sure that everything will fall into place eventually. I try not to have too many expectations.

How would you describe your personality?

I’m human, haha! I’d say I’m an empathetic person - in interactions I always try to take into account the other person’s point of view. I’m also quite intuitive on who I work with and what their motivations and goals are. Sometimes I can be a bit shy in unfamiliar situations, but I feel like I’m losing that shyness with age.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Mostly taking care of my kids and playing with them! That’s something I have to do for sure. I also try to keep healthy. Two years ago I started doing sports - I went running and did fitness. The last few months, I’ve been going to CrossFit twice or three times a week. Videogaming is also a big hobby of mine, but with two kids in the house I don’t always find the time. I recently bought a house so there are plenty of things to do. Since we moved here, we like to have barbecues with our friends and have some beers. Lastly, I like to learn new things about Salesforce as it is so versatile. There are always new releases coming out, so a lot of new things and features to keep up with!

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