Meet Antoinette
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Meet Antoinette

Avid traveler, outdoors person, Salesforce consultant, dog parent and mum to a new baby girl – our newest colleague Antoinette Peters dons several hats. She moved to the Netherlands 3 years ago with her husband and loves her life in this country. Let’s hear more from her.
Antoinette Peters at Appsolutely

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Antoinette Peters. I am happily married to my husband Axel. We are both from South Africa, where we grew up. After completing our education, we traveled a fair bit. We also lived for some time in California, where I got into Salesforce. We moved to the Netherlands about 3 years ago and we love it. We really appreciate the Dutch people, this beautiful country and the way of life here. And recently we welcomed our baby girl, Riley. 

Why did you choose Appsolutely?

What’s interesting is that I interviewed with Jaap and Kjell when I was 35 weeks pregnant. I was looking for a company that works with the Salesforce platform and an employer that would support my new role in life. There was an immediate click with Floor, Jaap and Kjell. I felt a connection, not just in terms of professional expectations, but it personally felt like a good decision for my growing family. I will officially start working after my maternity leave. It’s such a good fit for me and I am happy they were willing to wait for me. It really shows that they care for their employees. 

What challenges and goals do you see for yourself? 

My immediate goal is to become an Application Architect. I am halfway through my certification to reach there. My second goal would be to immerse myself in the team. It would be a challenge to work remotely, get to know my colleagues and find my feet as a new working mum. Another challenge would be to figure out how Appsolutely works, considering there are quite a few nationalities, and see how much I will be able to blend in. 

What are you passionate about? 

What I’m really passionate about is traveling and experiencing different cultures and foods. Besides that: Salesforce. I know it sounds cliche. For me it’s not just about development but also about the customer and creating solutions that the end user actually needs. I want to work with them, to make their day to day work easier. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

What is free time with a baby? Haha! I have a wonderful supportive husband so I do get some free time. Usually, I enjoy walking my two dogs. I am an active person and I love the outdoors and sports. When I can get the time, I also enjoy playing Overwatch. 

How would you describe yourself?

I am quite calm and caring. I have definitely grown more patient recently. I believe I have very good communication skills and an open personality so I connect with people quite well. Which is also a big part of the consultancy role. Customer interaction and engagement is one of my strong suits. 

What are your expectations from your new job?

I am expecting both the company and the colleagues to be fun. I look forward to learning from all the different nationalities and cultures in my new team. I do anticipate some challenges, with the onboarding and alignment of projects. At the same time, I am also hoping for some social events.
Like Antoinette, are you interested in working at Appsolutely too? Check out our careers page for open positions.

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