Meet Amit
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Meet Amit

Meet Amit. A strategist and solutionist with a can-do attitude. He sees problems as challenges and likes to go beyond his own mindset, to think of new ways of exploring and finding solutions. For him, every problem is an opportunity. He can communicate effectively and uses his power of words to connect with people. Let’s hear more from him.
Amit Datta

Who are you? Can you tell us about yourself? 

I’m Amit and I live in Belgium. I studied in West Bengal, India and graduated in Electrical Engineering. I started working with Salesforce 8 years ago. At first, I worked as a developer but moved my way up the ladder as a consultant and later as an architect. I mostly worked in the field of healthcare, utilities, and retail. Salesforce is my passion. I not only grew within the companies I worked for, but also in the technology I worked with.

What did you do prior to this? 

I worked for a few companies as a consultant and architect in Application Design. In that job I determined which resources were necessary and available to support the application. I am technically and analytically minded, but I also understand people and I am flexible in adapting the technology to the end-users. 

What will you be doing at Appsolutely joins Valtech?

I will be joining as a Salesforce Technical Architect and act as a bridge between the technical side and the business side. I will be managing the implementation of programs and the design of the applications for enterprise companies.

Why did you choose Appsolutely joins Valtech? 

The interview process went very well. I like the team and the energy they have. That motivated me the most. They have two different types of consulting I’m familiar with. But within the Application Design, there are still areas left to explore. I spoke to Jaap and others from the organization and I really liked their spirit. I just spoke to them once and I already feel like I belong to the team.

What challenges and goals do you see for yourself? 

I’m excited to work on short-term projects. Customer success is key and it’s great to be a part of that. To see them being successful and to guide the team to achieve those successes. I can’t wait to find solutions, explore new opportunities, and interact with clients across the globe.  

What are you passionate about, both personally and professionally? 

I like to go to different places to hike. Mainly the forest. There is nothing quite like it. It helps to keep my mind sharp. My wife and I love to strap on a backpack and head out on a trail: navigating through unpredictable terrain with hidden obstacles. When we get home, we enjoy a good meal with friends. I love to cook and host dinner parties, and my friends love my food – so I like to prepare as much as I can. My specialty is Biryani - a rice dish cooked with meat. It’s a famous Indian dish that we all love.
On a professional level I’m really looking forward to getting my CTA Credentials. It’s a highly specialized review at an advanced technical level. This qualification is a most coveted credential within the Salesforce system, so it’s very important to me. 

How would you describe yourself? 

I would describe myself as a solutionist. I’m the go-to guy when it comes to helping my friends with their problems. I usually look at them objectively, that’s what they appreciate most. I don’t speak to my friends all the time, but I am always there when they need my help. 

What are your expectations from this job? 

To get exposed to different clients, to grow and be better at my job. A successful go-live is what I’m aiming for. It’s a good feeling to go home knowing that my clients are happy with what we’ve delivered. I’m looking forward to those achievements together with my team. 
What I like the most about the Netherlands is that the people are approachable and welcoming. You can easily ask for help from anyone and they will try to help you. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone. Talk to my team, bring my knowledge to the table and share it with them.
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