Meet Amina
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Meet Amina

Our new team member and developer, Amina Mahdi, chanced into the world of Salesforce, right after her graduation and fell in love with it! Serendipity also played a role in her getting a job at Appsolutely. Passionate about Salesforce and what she does, she is eager to collaborate, contribute and grow with her new teammates. Let’s hear from her.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

“I am Amina Mahdi. I was born in France and grew up in Algeria, where I did my schooling and college. I was a student of computer engineering at a university in Algiers. Right after graduation, I started working with a Salesforce consultancy and fell in love with Salesforce, haha!”

What did you do prior to this?

“I have been working as a Salesforce developer for 5 years. I started in Algeria, then I was working with ‘Engie’ in Paris for a bit before I went back. A year ago, after moving to Amsterdam, I started working with ‘Picnic’ as a Salesforce administrator, and now, I am here.” 

What will you be doing at Appsolutely?

“As a Salesforce developer, I will mostly be translating business needs and requirements of clients, into concrete features and apps that they can use to help their business grow. It’s a good job to do. I like developing and I also like to use a mix of Salesforce tools."

Why did you choose Appsolutely?

“I had first heard of Appsolutely from a coworker, and I was amazed by the ‘Signicat’ app that they worked on. I heard it was a great place to work. Even my interviews were nice and everyone was super friendly. I felt quite comfortable right away. I also admire the way the company has grown. More importantly, I like that they care about people. When I was trying to send my job application, it was late in the night, and I couldn’t complete it. Surprisingly they called me the very next morning and asked whether I was interested and if I could complete my application. I was very happy about it. It showed that they cared for the individual, beyond just the CV.”

What challenges and goals do you see for yourself? 

“The biggest challenge I see is adapting to a new environment and merging the existing mindset and my point of view, especially when I will be working on projects that are already running.
My main goal is to use the opportunity to learn and grow. I want to become a Salesforce architect. In terms of thinking and intuition, I do have it in me.”

What are you passionate about? 

“Definitely- working with Salesforce! I enjoy the phase of translating requirements into a feature. I am also really into optimization.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

“I like watching Anime and Sitcoms. Right now, I am watching ‘The Office’.  I also love to play video games with friends when I have time. I am not a sports person though. I think being in the Netherlands would change that since people are always outdoors and involved in activities.” 

How would you describe yourself?

“I am a bit of an introvert, but I am very communicative. I enjoy social events and being with people, even if I don’t contribute a lot.”

What are your expectations from your new job?

“I know I will be working hybrid. I specially asked Jaap and Floor for it. It may not be possible to go to work every day, but I do want to meet up with my colleagues. For me, team spirit is something I really believe in. In terms of work, it will be interesting. Working for consultancy is fun because you get to work on different projects and gain a lot of experience in different fields. 
I have checked out the people online and I know I will be working with highly skilled people. I will get to contribute but also learn a lot. The team spirit part is very important for me as everyone gets to grow and develop their expertise together.”

Do you also want to join Appsolutely, just like Amina? Take a look at our open positions.


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