Meet Alain
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Meet Alain

Honest. Ambitious. And a team player. Those are the words that describe our brand new Salesforce Administrator Alain Gatungo best! Originally from Congo, Alain is grateful for the collaboration between RefugeeForce and Appsolutely, giving him the chance to take on this challenge. Let’s hear more about our new colleague!

Alain Gatungo Appsolutely

Can you introduce yourself shortly?

Of course! My name is Alain, I am originally from Congo and I have lived in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) for three years now. I am learning Dutch. It’s quite a difficult language!

What did you do prior?

I grew up loving computers and as a child, I would help my parents with everything related to IT and computers. In high school, I was introduced to programming. I liked it immediately because it required me to think analytically. After leaving Congo, I studied Computer Science in Uganda and worked there for a few years as a software developer in a start-up company. 

Why did you choose Appsolutely?

Ever since I came to the Netherlands, I have wanted to get a job in IT. It was difficult to find something, however, as I am not fluent in Dutch. And when the corona crisis began, it became even more difficult, of course. But the RefugeeForce organization has been a major help throughout the job seeking process. They have given me the opportunity to follow a Salesforce training in a small group for three months. My teacher Gaspar Rodriguez also works at Appsolutely. He informed me of a job opening there, so that is how I encountered the company. It’s great that my teacher will soon be my colleague! 

What do you think of the Netherlands?

It’s a great country to live! Except for the weather, haha. I think the Dutch climate is quite intense. In the winter it gets very cold and in the summer it can get extremely hot. In Congo the overall temperature is a lot more bearable. 

How will you contribute to Appsolutely?

I am excited to put everything I have learned during the RefugeeForce training into practice. I hope to contribute to the company with the knowledge I obtained there. Moreover, I hope and expect to learn a lot from my colleagues, as the team consists of many talented and ambitious people. 

What will be a challenge?

I don’t have a specific challenge in mind, as I try to keep an open mind and not have a lot of expectations. But it is my first time working in the Netherlands, and I think starting a new job in a new country will take some getting used to. Mostly, though, I am excited to get started and meet my new colleagues. 

What goals are you aiming for?

I am joining Appsolutely as a Salesforce Administrator and it is my goal to grow and become a Salesforce Developer!

How would you describe your personality?

I’d say I’m a loving person and a good communicator with a great sense of self. I may be shy in the beginning, but I am very optimistic and I enjoy working with many different kinds of people.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy going on walks and hiking in nature. As I spend most of my time in front of a screen, being outdoors is a nice change of scenery. Watching movies and documentaries, about history topics for example, is also something I like to do. And once Covid-19 allows it again, I am excited to travel to other places again and enjoy a relaxed holiday. Maybe someplace where the weather is a bit less intense! 

Interested to work for Appsolutely just like Alain? Take a look at our Careers page.

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