Meet Aga
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Meet Aga

We are very happy to announce that our growing team of professionals has expanded! On March 1st 2019, Aga Sklodowska-Kwiecien started her new challenge as a Business Development Director at Appsolutely. Aga is a sales leader with over ten years of experience in generating profitable business for small, and large companies worldwide. We’re certain that she will help our organization reach its full potential! In the following blog, we will introduce Aga, and her motives to choose for Appsolutely.


Who is Aga Sklodowska-Kwiecien?

“Throughout the years, I have become a partner for all layers in the organization. My strong business sense, and philosophy background make me an effective leader, and easy to work with. I understand new environments quickly, which gives meaningful insights in what can be improved. Clients mostly describe me as enthusiastic, energetic, passionate, and with a fresh perspective.

What do you do at Appsolutely?

“At Appsolutely I am responsible for international market development, and customer success. My focus areas are sales & marketing, business strategy, and new business development. But also building C-level relationship, and people management are part of my responsibilities.”

What is your greatest passion?

“I love to build strong relationships with my clients, and work together for mutual success. I also like to help companies to become more successful in what they do. Growth and development of organizations have always been central topics in my work.”

Why did you choose Appsolutely?

“In our fast, complex world there’s no time for inefficiency. If you don't act fast you are out of the game. We have all witnessed the fast growth of Salesforce, and it’s evolvement into one of the most innovative, and comprehensive customers success platforms in the world. Thanks to the Salesforce platform and its ecosystem, many companies can build their dream, and contribute to the society. However, the implementation of Salesforce, or building the right solution on the Salesforce platform, can be challenging. I believe that the right approach of projects, working with talented people, and having a passion for what you do can guarantee that clients receive the best possible support.

At Appsolutely, we work with smart consultants, and developers in an international team. Because of our international background, we are able to adapt very easily to every challenging environment. We help our clients to envision the world of tomorrow and take the customer on their journey to tomorrow.

I started at Appsolutely because I want to work with the best team to make my clients more successful. And in my opinion, Appsolutely is the best. Our people partner with clients to help them unleash the full potential of Salesforce.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss Salesforce advantages, or challenges you face. I’m looking forward to assisting you in your Salesforce journey!”

Tel: +31615430278

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