Lumicks goes live with Appsolutely’s solution to empower sales
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Lumicks goes live with Appsolutely’s solution to empower sales

Appsolutely is happy to announce a successful Salesforce implementation for Lumicks – a leading global supplier, and pioneer, in next-generation life science tools. This will boost the efficiency of their sales and eventually, marketing and service processes.
Go live celebration at Lumicks

Go live celebrations by the project team (René te Poel, Willem Peutz, Victor Su, Ricardo Hamelink) on April 4th, 2022

The challenge 

Being a prominent supplier of single-molecule and cell avidity analysis instruments, across the globe, an efficient sales platform is crucial for Lumicks. They were looking for a solution that would enable sales and marketing processes to work cohesively. At the same time it should also be able to support future service solutions.

Appsolutely’s contribution

To meet their current and future requirements Appsolutely set up a greenfield Salesforce Sales Cloud and CPQ implementation for the customer. With the help of partner Penfield Digital Pardot and Marketing Cloud Ad studio have been implemented.
Lumicks’ global sales team is now able to configure prices and quotes, to sell instruments. They have a clearer insight into customers and the software takes variables into account while creating quotes. Working with the Sales Cloud platform is more effective as they can work off different devices. This is a first step towards having a 360-customer view. A leaner sales process empowers the team at Lumicks to accomplish more work, in the same amount of time.


A scalable solution

The Sales Cloud software is scalable. It fits flawlessly with the marketing and sales processes, even when up- or downscaling may be required. The solution also creates a foundation that can work seamlessly with the Service solution, which will be implemented next. 
For team Appsolutely, consisting of Ricardo Hamelink, Mert Mete and René te Poel, the most challenging part was delivering everything globally within time, budget and Lumicks’ agile way of working. We are very happy to work with a customer that is driven and shares the same vision.

Are you looking to improve your sales and service processes, on the Salesforce platform? We can help.

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