Appsolutely as a proud Salesforce Summit Partner
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Appsolutely as a proud Salesforce Summit Partner

Salesforce Summit PartnerAppsolutely is a Salesforce Summit Consulting Partner, formerly Platinum Partner. A title that we carry with pride and excitement for the future! We improve ourselves on the daily. After becoming a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner in 2018, we quickly reached the milestone of becoming an official AppExchange App Development Specialist. And just a few months later, we managed to top our achievements once again. As a Salesforce Summit Partner, we continue to raise the bar. This is how we do that.

Proud to be a Salesforce Summit Partner: always aiming higher

To be a Summit Partner, Appsolutely’s dedicated team meets various requirements: a certain amount of Salesforce license sales, customer reference cases, certifications, specializations, a high customer success score, and enough growth in newly certified consultants. And we continue to up our game on the daily. We feel proud to be one in a few Salesforce Summit Partners with their headquarters in The Netherlands. But settling? We keep ourselves on our toes!

Investing in people as a prerogative. We know it works!

We score big on all six conditions Salesforce sets. How do we manage that? Investing in our people is the baseline. We believe that training, coaching, and nurturing are essential on the road to success. Moreover, our consultants and developers don’t ‘just’ have expert knowledge of a wide array of Salesforce technology. They have an excellent insight into the industries our customers are active in (they often even have practical, hands-on field experience), and know what they need to do to optimize business processes.

We give our customers a head start on their competition

Besides putting time and effort into the development of our people, Appsolutely has also developed a proven methodology that guarantees those high quality Salesforce implementations and applications. We adopt the latest technology in the earliest of stages. Our customers profit from this head start on their competitors. Our high CSAT score of 4.8 is not only a result of our technological expertise; our customers are also very satisfied with the high adoption rate of the solutions developed by Appsolutely. Better yet: they are so content that they tend to engage in a long-term collaboration with us, which means that we can deliver maximum results.
Add outside-of-the-box-thinking, frequent gated automated and manual quality checks in development and implementation processes, and peer reviews to the mix, and there you have it: the reason why Appsolutely carries that status of Salesforce Summit Partner. We’re excited to see what’s next!
Curious to see what specific services we offer? Read here more on what we do or get into contact with us.

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