The road to becoming a Salesforce recognized AppExchange App Development Specialist
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The road to becoming a Salesforce recognized AppExchange App Development Specialist

Twenty completed and successful projects. An impressive number of more than 125 certifications in Salesforce technology. A specialization in AppExchange App Development. With an almost perfect score, Appsolutely was recognized by Salesforce as AppExchange App Development certified partner in May and promoted to AppExchange App Development specialist in July. The phrase with flying colors could not be more appropriate. Salesforce partners need an average CSAT of 8.5 to become an AppExchange App Development certified partner, but satisfied customers rated Appsolutely’s solutions with an average of 9.5. The Dutch-based Salesforce app-developer is the sixth company worldwide to gain the specialist status and the first one with its headquarters in Europe.  

Partner specialist status in App Development

"Since we have a highly skilled app development team that delivers outstanding solutions to AppExchange users, we were determined to obtain the AppExchange App Development partner status”, says managing director and CTO Jaap Branderhorst. The AppExchange can be compared to popular app-marketplaces like Google Play or the Appstore, with the exception that it exclusively offers B2B-applications based on Salesforce technology.

Unleashing the full potential of Salesforce

Since May, companies that seek certified and specialized developers to build Salesforce integrated software solutions, can find Appsolutely on the AppExchange as a specialized AppExchange App Development partner. “With this acknowledgement by Salesforce itself, others can see that we know what we are talking about. We are now officially recognized as a valuable Salesforce partner that helps AppExchange partners to unleash their full potential with Salesforce technology”, adds managing partner Floor Knoups.

Great customer satisfaction with more than 20 projects

The title of AppExchange App Development partner is not given lightly. To become a development partner for AppExchange, a company must prove itself in several areas. To do this, Appsolutely submitted twenty successful projects to Salesforce. “We had to specify what we did, which technology we used, what results we delivered and how we achieved them.” Another important qualification touchpoint is customer satisfaction. To measure that, customers were asked to rate their project online. An ongoing process, as a matter of fact. To keep this status, Appsolutely will have to keep delivering. “Which we are of course eager to do”, says Knoups.

The key to success: investing in people

To realize its ambition, Appsolutely firstly invested in its people, but has also adopted a methodology that guarantees high quality Salesforce applications for its customers. “We believe in training, coaching and nurturing our people to become the most qualified consultants and developers. Over the years our employees earned more than 100 certifications, which means they have expert knowledge of a wide array of Salesforce technology”, explains Knoups. Developers and consultants that work for Appsolutely generally have more to offer than just theoretical insights of Salesforce. “They have worked in several positions and know the business processes their developing for or advising about.”

Adopting the latest technology first

Besides enabling its workforce to bring out the best, the company makes it its mission to adopt the latest technology in the early stages. “We like to approach our customers problems or challenges from a practical point of view. However, we strive to incorporate that practical know-how in innovative solutions”, emphasizes Branderhorst. On top of that, Appsolutely uses a method that assures applications of great quality. “We apply gated automated quality checks. Since we are an inventive bunch, we also incorporate manual checks. Besides this, we rely on peer reviews to make sure our product is top notch.”

Seeing the bigger picture in application development

Appsolutely is by no means afraid to take the lead during the development of an application. Branderhorst: “That’s another trait of our work method. Our people think out of the box and see the bigger picture. Customers do not always get what they initially asked for. Customers get what they need from an innovative, practical and comprehensive perspective. That’s a good thing.”

Happy customers

The Appsolutely-method has already brought the company several happy customers. “Jumbo uses an AppExchange app, developed by us for Usabilla, that integrates Usabilla – that has been recently taken over by SurveyMonkey - and Salesforce Service Cloud to generate valuable user feedback. News analytics platform Owlin uses the Owlin for Salesforce app we created for them to analyze and translate news from all over the world. This app is the first application worldwide, that was built on the new Lightning Web Components technology and uses Salesforce Feature Management in a new innovative way. Lastly, we have built a solution for Ortec Finance - a leading provider of technology and solutions for risk and return management - that seamlessly integrates their OPAL solution (for Goal-Based Financial Planning) with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud”, lists Knoups. 

The next step: grow internationally

Gaining the AppExchange App Development partner specialist status is not just based on developing great, innovative applications. Branderhorst: “Our road towards this status is twofold: We developed some very complex AppExchange apps that helped our customers with their digital transformation. Plus, we support our customers in every way possible.”  Appsolutely works worldwide, but operates mostly in Scandinavia, the UK and Benelux. Knoups: “Now that we have obtained the status of AppExchange App Development partner specialist, we are ready for the next step in our journey: Grow internationally.”

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