The power of core values: Why your organization should embrace it
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The power of core values: Why your organization should embrace it

Getting caught up in day-to-day meetings and tasks, we often forget how essential core values are for our business decisions. Every now and then we should take a step back and consider: are we heading in the right direction? Organizations tend to focus on output and results, instead of focusing on how to get them. Last week I attended the Partner Forum and Salesforce World Tour in London. The first keynote inspired and lit up the room, myself included. It was all about the power of core values for businesses. The message? Never overlook them. Here’s why…

First, before I dive into the topic, let me say I was astonished by the organization of the event, the vibrant energy, the high-quality of speakers, and the great possibility to network with inspiring and interesting people. Those two days were full of new insights and learnings. However, the lesson that stuck with me most, is the importance of defining strong values and staying loyal to them. Of course, Salesforce didn’t ‘just’ kick-off with this topic. It is the key to any successful organization. You could think that it is standard blabla, but I was amazed by the enthusiasm, devotion and credibility of the people who adopted the values and are working on the big success. Together.

Create trust and accelerate growth

The business decisions of Salesforce are driven by four core values. The company relies on trust, customer satisfaction, innovation, and equality to become a great partner for customers, business partners, and its community of users. Staying loyal to those values, enables Salesforce to create trust, understand the needs of its customers, and it accelerates growth and innovation.

Focus on the how, focus on your values

If defining core values and sticking by them is so effective, why isn’t every organization successful? It sounds easy, but the challenge lies in staying loyal and ‘feeling’ those values. As I said, most companies concentrate too much on daily output. At the end of the day, they are most concerned about numbers and targets. Although they’re essential for any business to thrive, they should go hand in hand with values. Because, focusing on the how, is fundamental to getting those numbers positive. And, that’s where the core values come in to play. After all, the success of a business relies upon its most important assets: the people who work there.

Salesforce has excelled in inspiring its employees and the industry with its values. The company even has a name for the community – and all the stakeholders in it – it has built: Ohana. Hawaiian for family. To reach those powerful values the software company has determined the how’s: character, heart, integrity, and loyalty. Character is the most vital element to sustained success and leadership.

Character and competence as the key to leadership

The Salesforce culture – and the way the organization has created it – is inspiring to any company who seeks to become more oriented on its how. Once you become aware of the importance of both character and competence to cultivate trust, you can see how these two dimensions are reflected in the approach of effective leaders and observers everywhere. Well-known speaker and writer Stephen Covey put it justly: “The ability to establish, grow, extend, and restore trust with all stakeholders – customers, business partners, investors, and co-workers – is the key leadership competency of the new global economy.”

Live up to your values to become a trusted partner

At Appsolutely, we believe firmly in this principle. Our values? Connect, grow, and envision. We believe that helping our clients – by using both character and competences – will make our stakeholders successful and help us to become a trusted partner. 

Has your company defined its values and how’s yet? And, is your community on board? Curious how I can help you with your journey to success? Contact me and I will be glad to have a chat with you. As a new face to Appsolutely, I will regularly share my reflections on my sales journey. So, bookmark this blogpage and stay tuned!


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