Meet Guilherme
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Meet Guilherme

Christmas came early this year, because we’ve got a brand-new member on our team! Meet Guilherme Uhelski, our new Salesforce Developer. Of course, we wanted to know everything about him!

Hi Guilherme! Can you introduce yourself?

Sure! I’m 37 years old and I live in the most beautiful city in the world: Hilversum. Originally, I’m from Brazil, but I moved to Amsterdam a few years ago. I prefer Hilversum over the capital, though. I’m not the type of person to go out partying every weekend, so Hilversum fits me better. It has the benefits of living in a city, but it’s less chaotic and crowded. 

Sounds good. So, how do you like to spend your weekends?

I love mountain biking. I used to do it a lot in Brazil, and last year I started again in the Netherlands. At first, I thought: this country is as flat as a pancake, how can I bike here? Turns out there are a lot of great tracks around!
  Besides riding my bike, I love music. My favorite genre? I couldn’t tell you, because I listen to so many… From blues and jazz to heavy metal! For me, music is the best artform. I’ll pick putting on a record over spending a day at the museum, anytime. 

And when you were offered a new job at Appsolutely, did that sound like music to your ears?

Definitely! At Appsolutely, I have the chance to develop new skills and move my career in a new direction. At my former job, I was a back end developer. I became really interested in Salesforce, so I decided to go for it and get out of my comfort zone. 

Sounds like a big change! What do you consider to be your challenges?

My challenge is something I’m also really look forward to, and that’s meeting and working with external clients. It will be challenging for me to surround myself with new people, but it’s a skill I want to develop. Besides that, I want to push the boundaries of tech and innovate as much as I can! 

Those are great ambitions. Your first day was on December 2nd. Did you get off to a good start?

My first day was very surprising. I’m used to fairly loud and crowded offices, but at Appsolutely it was calm and quiet. I didn’t meet all my new colleagues at once. Recently we had a Christmas diner where I got to meet more of my co-workers. That was very nice! 
Appsolutely is a great company to work at. They welcome you to be who you truly are, and they have faith in you, which means they trust you with responsibilities. I really appreciate that.

Thank you for having a chat with us! 

Want to get in touch with Guilherme? Send him an e-mail

Also curious to work for Appsolutely? Take a look at the open positions we have here.

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