Golden hoodie for our Gaspar
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Golden hoodie for our Gaspar

Our valued team member Gaspar Rodriguez got surprised with a GOLDEN HOODIE by Salesforce for his contribution to the community of Salesforce. This is a big reward for trailblazers that are doing well and doing good in their careers, companies and communities.
Gaspar says one day after receiving his golden hoodie that he is still excited. He had no idea during the interview and was definitely surprised. "I was told not to open a box until the interview. During the interview I opened the box and found the hoodie and a Salesforce stuffed animal wearing a golden hoodie."
Gaspar Rodriguez in Golden Hoodie
Gaspar is, next to being a Senior Consultant at Appsolutely, co-founder of RefugeeForce, an NGO that helps status holders in the Netherlands find a job in the Salesforce eco-system.

"I'm looking forward to doing the best that I can to build a more inclusive, diverse, and talented community of Salesforce professionals with Appsolutely and RefugeeForce." - Gaspar Rodriguez, Salesforce Consultant

We are proud of you, Gaspar. Shine on!

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