Enriching the world of work for 10 million people - Release 3
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Enriching the world of work for 10 million people - Release 3

About Top Employers Institute Certification Programme

The Top Employers Institute Global Certification Programme has certified and recognised more than 1500 Top Employers in more than 118 countries/regions across five continents.

The HR Best Practice Survey encompasses over 100 questions which cover 600 ‘People Development’ practices across 10 topics: Talent Strategy, Workforce Planning, Talent Acquisition, On-boarding, Learning & Development, Performance Management, Leadership Development, Career & Succession Management, Compensation & Benefits and Culture.

Top Employers Institute CEO David Plink says, ‘To become recognised as a Top Employer, an organisation will have to prove that the implementation of their people strategies enriches the world of work of their employees. The certified participants are a shining example of a dedication to people practices as they continuously commit to empowering their employees for a better world of work. Congratulations!’


Release 3: Top Employers Portal and Online Store

In the latest Release for the Digital Transformation Project, Top Employers Institute worked to enhance the participant journey and their flagship Certification Programme by leveraging the power of Salesforce Community Cloud. 

Participants now have self-service access to their Certification Programme details, events, files, and can even order Top Employers products directly through the new Top Employers Online Store.

  • Back to Standards: As with the previous release, the Top Employers Portal is powered by standard Sales Cloud functionality such as Price Books, Products, Orders, and Opportunities. With some additional Lightning Platform objects and components, we are able to manage the complete Online Store catalog and user experience using native Salesforce functionality. As orders are placed in the Online Store, standard sales reports are instantly updated to reflect new revenue.
  • Build your own participant experience: Top Employers Institute designed a custom user experience by leveraging Community Cloud templates and Lightning Web Components. The visual design and experience aims to guide participants every step of the way during their Certification journey. This includes giving them access to resources, products, and feedback tailored to each Participant.
  • Order to Cash: Salesforce is now the single source of truth for all product, pricing, ordering, revenue, and invoicing information, eliminating the need to maintain external data and systems. All Orders placed in the Online Store are instantly accessible under Accounts and Opportunities are automatically created once Orders are placed. Finance can then create the necessary invoices and mark Orders as paid.

Top Employers Institute HQ celebrates the Portal release!


Release 4: Top Employers Portal Survey Engine

In the next Release, Top Employers will enhance the Portal to meet the ideal Participant experience. This includes developing their Survey directly into the Portal so that Participants can access questions, track their progress, and submit documents any time. Using Einstein Analytics, they will get real-time feedback on their submissions. Stay tuned!


Read about previous releases: Release 1. Making the Switch to Lightning and release 2. Back to Standard with Sales Cloud

More information: Top Employers Institute. For a better world of work. 

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