Enriching the world of work for 10 million people - Release 1 & 2
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Enriching the world of work for 10 million people - Release 1 & 2

Top Employers Institute is the global authority on recognising excellence in people practices. They accelerate the impact of people strategies to enrich the world of work, on track to improve the lives of over 10 million people and increase their global presence. 

Top Employers Institute was established more than 28 years ago, having certified 1 500 organisations in 118 countries/regions to date. With 11 offices around the world, they are growing on a global scale and across key industries. Their  Certification Programme enables organisations to assess and improve their workplace environment, comparing their practices to others in similar industries. 

Choosing Salesforce

Scalable, user friendly, and efficient systems are central to achieving their ambitious goals. As part of a broader Digital Transformation Project, Top Employers Institute is consolidating siloed technologies and data systems, while focusing more on how they can use technology to improve their participant journey. This transformation is happening while keeping their ambitious and global sales operations on track and delivering a seamless Certification Programme and survey process for project managers and participants. 

Naturally, Salesforce has become their chosen platform as they seek to integrate disparate technologies, power their sales and delivery teams, provide a community for participants globally, and have an analytics engine for their complex survey.

Keeping IT Agile

Embracing working with Scrum, the Digital Transformation Project prioritizes a common Backlog with input from business value teams, runs two week Sprints, and plans key Releases to continuously design and deliver the best features to global users.

Release 1: Making the switch to Lightning

In April 2019, Top Employers Institute made the move from Classic to Lightning. This enabled users to unlock all the brilliant new features for their teams and way of working. Sales users can now work smarter and faster - the new Lightning UI is intuitive, requires fewer clicks to get the information users need, and allows the admin to easily design custom pages for records. Sales Users were particularly excited about the Kanban view for Opportunities, which provides them with a handy visual representation and drag and drop functionality of their deals organized by stage. Moving to Lightning sets the foundation for developers to create future-proof components and functionality as Salesforce extends the abilities of the Lightning platform. 

Top Employers Institute celebrated this release with a celebration of a Lightning cake and cupcakes delivered on the go-live date around the world!

Release 2: Back to Standard with Sales Cloud

Salesforce is built by and for Sales teams. Working with Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, Products, and Pricebooks is a grand culmination of broad industry, subject matter, and technical experience. As part of a large transformation effort, Appsolutely worked to unleash the best of Sales Cloud in order to accommodate and optimize the Sales Operations for Top Employers Institute. Coupled with some developer magic and custom lightning components, Sales Cloud can now be used for the very unique business processes and needs of Top Employers Institute, directly improving the day to day for Sales teams. This release included the following features: 

  • Opportunity Configuration - in the past, Sales Users had to configure 1 Opportunity for each Year for each of their Participants. This meant that Account Managers had to create sometimes 30 or 60 Opportunities with the same information for only one Sales effort. Together with Sales Operations, we redesigned the Opportunity configuration to accommodate multiple participants and multiple years in 1 Opportunity. 
  • Leveraging Sales Cloud - Sales Users can now use standard Products and Price Books to configure and build their Opportunities. They can even use custom bundled Products that allows configuration of a standard offering of multiple products with just a few clicks. 
  • Territory Management and Forecasting - with the Winter ‘19 release, Top Employers Institute was able to take advantage of forecasting their Sales based on their territories. We setup up their Territory Model in Salesforce and linked all the Sales Targets so Account Managers know exactly how they are doing against their Targets in real time with standard Sales Cloud functionality.  
  • A new home for Delivery - previously, Sales and Delivery teams shared the Opportunity records. This means that after the Opportunity was closed, the same record was used for Delivery to update the fields and data they needed to update. In the new way of working, we have custom objects for the Delivery process so there is a clear handoff and each user can access only the records that are relevant to them.

Release 3: Community and Webshop

In the upcoming Release, Top Employers Institute will enhance the Participant Journey and experience through Salesforce Community Cloud. Participants will have self-service access to their Certification Programme as well as order custom products through the new Top Employers Webshop. Stay tuned!

For more information on Top Employers Institute, you can visit their website


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