Dreamforce Day 3: Inspiring conversation with Barack Obama and more!
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Dreamforce Day 3: Inspiring conversation with Barack Obama and more!

A fun family reunion. That’s how Salesforce describes their annual Dreamforce conference. The entire global Salesforce community flocks to the event, which is happening as we speak (or write) in San Francisco. Customers, partners, key stakeholders, and employees share their insights, experiences and vision during this three-day event. Learning, inspiration, and fun are the main ingredients. Sprinkled with 2.700 sessions by thought leaders and other experts. Together with my colleague Floor Knoups, I flew in to experience it myself this year. And let me tell you, Dreamforce 2019 really IS a dream. Here are our impressions from the third day. Major headline: president Barack Obama took the stage!


A conversation with President Barack Obama

No one less than former president Barack Obama came to speak at Dreamforce. He gave a very inspiring speech about values, equality and responsibility.

Obama started off by speaking about his admiration for young people. He finds them inspiring, because they are not cynical about the world. Instead, they are frustrated with the institution. Obama believes that helping young people will make a change, as young people have the power to change institutions. 

Obama about values
After this, Obama talked about values. Passion, vision and inspiration are important ones. For a leader, the most important qualities are to be kind and to be useful. Also, leaders should have a sense of responsibility and respect. Being a leader is a matter of identifying the power of other people and unleash it. Those who lead should be willing to empower others!

Another important topic in Obama’s speech was balance. People nowadays chase so many different things at once, it makes them frustrated. This frustration causes anger. The key is to find balance and give priority to the things that really satisfy us. Meditation can help people to deal with stress in a better way. 

Three challenges
Obama talks about 3 important challenges that the world faces today:

  • Climate change
  • Equality
  • The arise of the ‘Information Age’

Let’s elaborate on that last one. Media effects our view on the world. For example: if you watch Fox New you get a different point of view than by reading the Times. Internet plays a double role in this issue. It can be a powerful tool to bring people closer together, but it can also carry manipulative and fake messages. This is a dangerous thing!

What organizations should take away from this
Three main messages for organizations from Obama

  • Leadership exists everywhere
  • Encourage young people to be impactful
  • Diversity is important. Make sure you have different perspectives and backgrounds in your team.

Well, I think this mission is accomplished on our part. Appsolutely is proud of its diverse culture. We look for talent all around the globe and we see the importance of giving our colleagues the opportunity to deploy their talents and become great consultants, developers and leaders. We’re making Obama proud!


Customer Success Keynote: Your Path to Succeeding with Salesforce

A completely different topic. What do you need to be successful with Salesforce? This question was also on the menu today.

In this particular session we learned more about the best practices from tailblazers like e.l.f., cosmetics, Nokia and top Salesforce MVPs. It contained a sneak peek into how Salesforce uses new functionalities like Salesforce Mobile. Also, it showed us how to use customer success resources to find answers faster and to drive adoption.

The first topic on the agenda: the Customer 360 platform. Why is it called the Customer 360 platform? Because we’re in the age of the customer. The customer is in the center of sales, service and commerce.

Nokia about Salesforce
A question for Nokia: why did they choose Salesforce? This was decided by two things: speed and competence. They started 8 months ago and now they have 10000 Salesforce users.

What did we from Appsolutely get out of this session? We left with actionable insights, tips for faster business value and guidance on how to unlock the full power of the Customer 360 platform.

The future of digital transformation: Moving from Discovery to Delivery

A panel of CEO’s talking about digital transformations. Exciting!

So what exactly was this session about? About digital transformation initiatives, leveraging new technologies and reinventing business models. (Amongst others.) Times are changing. The question for the C-suite is no longer: ‘Will this work?’’ It’s: ‘How can this work for us?’ and ‘How must the culture and organization adapt to the changes ahead?’

Culture & transformation

Culture is a very important aspect of business. The focus should lie on bringing talent together. The questions here are: how can you build a culture where transformation can be successful? And how can you reconstruct organizations to be successful?
This responsibility lies with leaders. They define the culture of a business. Those who lead should think in terms of configuration and engagement. Changing a working culture is not about putting on sneakers and jeans and making the office look cool. It’s about creating a leadership that gives clear guidance.

Another great session that gave us a lot to think about!


This was the last day of Dreamforce. What a pleasure it was to attend this event. We’re going home with a ton of inspiration and many new insights. Do you want to exchange thoughts with us? Get in touch!

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