Aligning your Global HR Practices with Einstein Analytics
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Aligning your Global HR Practices with Einstein Analytics

The Top Employers Institute Global Certification Programme is the gold standard for certified global human resource practices. Top Employers has certified and recognised more than 1500 Top Employers in more than 118 countries/regions across five continents.

The HR Best Practice Survey encompasses over 200 questions, covering 600 ‘People Development’ practices across 10 Topics: Talent Strategy, Workforce Planning, Talent Acquisition, On-boarding, Learning & Development, Performance Management, Leadership Development, Career & Succession Management, Compensation & Benefits and Culture.

HR Insights meets Einstein Analytics

Once the comprehensive HR Best Practice Survey is submitted, the challenge faced by global and regional headquarters for companies like DHL Express, Orange, or Saint-Gobain is having accessible data insights into their vast network of local subsidiaries. As you can imagine, reviewing and comparing all survey responses for 100+ local subsidiaries can quickly become a daunting task. Einstein Analytics is a suite of tools that combines dynamic, interactive data visualization with the power of machine learning to deliver insights and data-driven applications for every business user. Einstein Analytics is able to transform large amounts of data and quickly gather the insights you want without having to generate new reports or filters, providing the perfect platform for reviewing complex survey data across hundreds of participants.

From their personalized Top Employers Portal (Salesforce Community), multinational companies can access one Einstein Analytics Dashboard that shows all survey responses for each of their subsidiaries. Companies can select one or multiple countries to filter their global reach. Selecting each country dynamically filters the survey data for the local subsidiary.


One of our favorite features of Einstein Dashboards is the ability to make data interactive - users can dynamically filter data by clicking on any of the dashboard widgets. With a few clicks, companies have an overview of survey progress for each Domain or Topic. Survey responses can then easily be categorized by type to give companies deeper insights into submissions.

0_1.pngFinally, user friendly tab navigation enables companies to compare survey responses within each survey domain. With Einstein Recipes, you can combine, convert, and codify survey responses into measurable values. In this case, text selection responses are visualized in an Einstein Heatmap Lens as bucketed numerical values. The result? A stop-light chart comparing the responses of all subsidiaries side-by-side. Selecting an account or response value will also allow companies to dynamically filter the responses, quickly getting the results they need.


Sharing is caring with Einstein Dashboards

Using the standard Einstein Analytics Dashboard component available in Experience Builder, the dashboard is embedded directly onto the Community template and made visible to external users. In this case, certified Top Employers are taking advantage of Einstein Security Predicates to control access to data in their Salesforce Community. A simple filter allows global headquarter accounts can see the data below them in their account hierarchy Additionally, companies can download a filtered report as an image or excel to share with their internal decision makers. All these features come standard with Einstein Analytics suite of products.

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More information: Top Employers Institute. For a better world of work. 

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