AlexaForce listed on the AppExchange
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AlexaForce listed on the AppExchange

After passing all the pre-requisites for publication, today AlexaForce, was published on the AppExchange! The process to get to the publication consisted of several steps. First of all, naming policies required new name. Therefore, the listing is called Alexa Skill Builder for Salesforce on the AppExchange. I will refer to the listing as AlexaForce for brevity.

Since AlexaForce is a package intended purely for APEX developers and offered for free, some of the steps are a little bit awkward. For example, the business plan, which is a requirement, is an odd formality. Also, the steps to get the package "Lightning ready" are a bit odd for a package consisting of no UI and mostly APEX. With a package like AlexaForce, some of the other steps are more relevant.

The security review is an important part of the publication procedure. To pass it, among other things, the code must pass an analysis by Checkmarx and endpoints used in webservice communication (remote sites) in the package must pass a Chimera scan.

The procedure from start to end took several weeks, but was a lot faster than we had expected. Thanks to the help of the Salesforce support team, swift action by the security review team and a lot of manual labor, finally all obstacles were cleared today.

This means AlexaForce, or Alexa Skill Builder, is available now, at and can be used in production orgs as well. The previous beta release only worked in sandboxes. The documentation is available at

Feedback is very welcome, please contact us with remarks or questions.

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