AlexaForce 2019 on the AppExchange
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AlexaForce 2019 on the AppExchange

Early last year, Appsolutely introduced Alexa Skill Builder for Salesforce on the Appexchange. The package allows developers to create Amazon Alexa skills on the Salesforce platform, using APEX.

The package, which we affectionately call AlexaForce, is available free of charge and has been installed roughly 50 times over the past year.

During the first year of its existence several minor bugs and limitations surfaced in the app. To kick-off the year 2019 in style, we will be releasing a new version, AlexaForce 1.2, which fixes these issues.

First of all, the logging has been improved slightly, making log entries more readable.

The second major fix is the addition of request context to the inherited code. As a consequence, it's now possible to build Audio skills with AlexaForce. Previously this would not be possible due to several issues with the AlexaForce Model and the absence of the mentioned request context. In the new version, request context will be available to the developer.

Thirdly, the new version will support more of the Amazon Alexa model, for example ViewPort, MetaData, Art and Card have been added or enhanced.

AlexaForce 2019 (1.2) version will soon be published on the Appexchange, but on the AlexaForce Github page, the new package link can already be found, as well as updated documentation and a sample Audio skill.


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