A milestone to celebrate: our 200th Salesforce certificate
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A milestone to celebrate: our 200th Salesforce certificate

At Appsolutely we love learning, numbers and milestones (to name but a few). So when we see an opportunity for those three aspects to come together, we won’t let it go by silently. That’s why we’re very pleased to announce that we can celebrate achieving our 200th Salesforce certificate!

Apart from the fact that 200 certificates is a catchy and impressive number, we’re mostly proud of what it represents: the fact that we at Appsolutely, together with our partner Penfield Digital, take the drive for knowledge development very serious. It means that our people underline and reinforce this as one of our cornerstones: personal growth. That’s not something we take lightly and our recent milestone is the perfect moment to applaud all this dedication and eagerness.

Therefore, we would like to put two specific employees in the limelight: Koen Verkaik for being the one who brought home ‘the lucky number 200’ and Marco Almodova as the record-holding contributor with a whopping 22 certificates on his name (just to clarify, there are 31 possible certificates in total, so do the math).  

To start with lead developer Marco, who seems rather modest about his personal accomplishment: “I see it as part of my job to always be prepared for what’s next in my work.” Needless to say, Marco always keeps his eyes open for new launches on the Salesforce Trailhead website. “It’s fun to be ahead on the paths of development because I love technology. But it also makes my life easier, by being more prepared and knowing which functionalities are launching. It enables me to do things faster and help my colleagues at the same time.”

Salesforce consultant Koen mentions the same type of curiosity and hunger for insight: “I think we should always have an eye for things that can be done better and for new technologies that enable it.” That’s why for Koen every certificate is just as valuable as the 200th he just happened to grab. “I signed up for this specific certificate because I wanted to know more about how to establish the best possible process for building software: not just in a technical, but also in an organisational sense. I think the focus on those kind of details makes obtaining certificates worth our while.”

Interested to work and grow with us? Read more about us and our open positions.

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